Let us think beyond Religion, Region and narrow Organisational interest and act in Unity to save Eritrea!


Drs Tsegezab Gebregergis

In welcoming the New Year, it is very important that we realise in day-one that in the year 2019, we need to change our total way of thinking and adopt a new model of thinking which allows us to think and act beyond our own Religion and Region; beyond Ethnicity and narrow organisational interest.

If we don’t, we will be part of the problem and not part of the solution in the struggle to repair and save our young but politically broken country.

So let us cast-away parochialism and sectarianism and embrace Eritreanism as our guiding principles in the struggle to save and transform Eritrea to become the democratic home accountable to all those who live in it.

Mdrebahri.com, January 3 2019.



  1. Very Nice advise Dear Brother! TRUE! If we have humanness or we Love our suffering People., Now is the time, Let the Experienced just seeking brothers and sisters call for coming together on National base, as it is urgent matter and question of the Nation. The media people also do the people to stand by itself than playing with the neighbors. Neighboring people if they are for justice for the good of our people well and good. What we need is respect among the neighbors. Happy New Year!

  2. The current situation requires all Eritreans ,including the pro woyane, pro impostor isaias afewerk , to rebuild the bridges they had destroyed and forge Unity to foil isaias afewerk’s plot to hand over Eritrea to Ethiopia, in the words of Professor Bereket Habteselase, in a silver platter.
    Eritreans of all walks of life should by now recognize that the love that isaias afewerk and woyane have been expressing for Eritreans and Sovereignty of Eritrea is nothing but an actment of their infamous libi tigrai twi twai con artistry with which they deceive their intended prey into dropping his/her vigilance.
    Although the impostor isaias afewerk and woyane, falsely portraying themselves as each other’s mortal enemies, have been collaborating implementing on the ground their extensive and overarching strategy to decimate Eritrean Sovereignty and it’s people , it is perplexing why many Eritreans have had no clue why Badme, an Eritrean Territory, was handed over to woyane by isaias afewerk in 1985; why isaias afewerk did not inform the UNSC of the alleged ” woyane invasion” before he ordered the alleged counter invasion; why he totally put the conduct of the war under his exclusive control excluding the war proven competent Eritrean Generals; why, during the woyane third offensive, woyane troops was able to sneak deep into Eritrean territory and launched a surprise attack on Eritrean Defence Forces in Gash Barka from their rearguard ; why the Eritrean Ethiopian Claim Commission found Eritrea guilty of starting the war etc.and when all these and many other scenarios are the proof of the collaboration of isaias afewerk and woyane against the people of Eritrea and it’s Sovereignty.

    As the woyane unprovoked border instigations and mass expulsion of Eritreans from Badme was the tacit signal for the impostor isaias afewerk to ignite the 1998 war, the woyane refusal to abide by the Final and Binding decision of the EEBC was also a scheme deliberately inacted to creat justification for the impostor isaias afewerk to deny the Eritrean people the peace dividend they were eagerly waiting for in the aftermath of the cessation of the war and the signing of the Algiers Peace Treaty. Therefore, the subsequent prolonged state of NO PEACE NO WAR during which he engulfed the country with his Reign of Terror and systematically and methodically disintegrated the social fabric of our people and bankcrupted the economy of the country etc. was in accordance with the Blue Print that they — woyane/isaias afewerk– had agreed upon.

    In the wake of the woyane defeat in the hands of Oromo Qerros and the unconditional acceptance of the EEBC decision by the new Oromo Prime Minister of Ethiopia, needless to say, the impostor isaias afewerk is shocked to his core ,of which the bizarre and childish behavior he exhibited in Ethiopia was a manifestation.

    He is now, like a suddely caught and caged beast, frantic and desperate for two reasons: 1. his life long dream of building Abai Tigrai on the ashes of Eritreans and Eritreans is fast dissipating before his own eyes.
    2. Conscious of the Genocide he committed on the people of Eritrea in pursuit of his chicken dream, he is visualizing himself and his family burning at the stake before the cheering crowd of the people of Eritrea.

    My Noble Patriotic Eritreans,

    We have been deceived by this wicked tegaru into warring factions along ethinic, religious, linguistic etc. lines. Now Fortuna is back smiling at us. We must welcome her wholeheartedly and promptly by forging our unity relegating our secondary differences ,which the tegaru had exploited against us, to the backburner. Please understand that at this stage of our struggle when the malice of the tegaru is exposed, continuing to taking instructions from woyane or isaias afewerk is unhuman and irrational.