The Statement from the Eritrean Ministry of Information is patently Deceptive!


Eritrea is planning to dispatch 5,000 Eritrean soldiers to Somalia as soon as the first Amisom contingents leave in February 2019”(ION).

Drs Tsegezab Gebregergis

The Indian Ocean Newsletter, in its publication of December 21 (number 1488), has claimed that the Eritrean dictator is indicating that he has a definite plan to dispatch 5,000 Eritrean soldiers to Somalia as soon as the first AMISOM contingents leave that country in February 2019.

Nonetheless, in its rebuttal, the Eritrean Ministry of Information stated on December 26 that the allegation brought by the Indian Ocean Newsletter was patently false.

However, as far as Mdrebahri is concerned, what is patently false is actually the deceptive statement given by the Ministry of information, not the claim made by the Indian Ocean Newsletter.

Let me remind readers that this would not be the first time that the Eritrean dictator has been willing to send Eritrean soldiers as mercenaries to Somalia. Following the United States’ invasion of Iraq, the collapse of the Siad Barr regime and Somalia’s descent into anarchy among the rise of warlord militias and Islamic insurgencies in 1991, the Eritrean dictator, Issaias Afeworki, asked the US government to allow him to send Eritrean fighters to participate in the war against Iraq and to pacify the civil war in Somalia. But the US government flatly rejected his offer simply because the Americans consider Issayas Afeworki a lunatic dictator.

So, as far as the Eritrean dictator is concerned, as long as he is filling his coffers, the precious blood of the Eritrean defence forces, whether spilled in Somalia, Yemen or elsewhere, is not worth even a glass of water.

Therefore the report disseminated by the Indian Ocean Newsletter that the nihilistic dictator has already made definite plans to send more than 5,000 members of the Eritrean defence forces.