Sovereign Eritrea is a Victim of Conspiracy!



By Tewelde Gebremariam

Such names as Bright Future, Tesfa News, Deqebat, Agaazian, in Defence of Eritrean Sovereignty, Strong and Powerful Eritrea, Independent Foreign Policy etc. are all euphemisms designed to induce patriotic Eritreans into irrational emotional exuberance as a means of manipulating them into peacefully herding themselves to the slaughter house, of which the authors are the impostor isaias afewerk, woyane , their surrogates, some powerful western countries and isarel.
Since 1991 only, we can roughly estimate the number of innocent Eritreans massacred using various means to be close to one million (1000, 000).

The two groups have different motives; the impostor isaias afewerk and woyane are bent to realize the goal their great grandfather, the so called king yohannes, failed to achieve, which was, abai tigrai; while that of Israel and western countries is to keep Red Sea and Horn of Africa under their perpetual control. They have targeted Eritrea for demise, and Ethiopia, with its hundred million populations, to be their proxy to guard their Sea and Land interest.

The means they have been employing are many, of which some are the following:

Sow seeds of division among the religiously, ethnically, linguistically, regionally etc. diverse population of Eritrea and continually pour kerosene to keep it burning in perpetuity to prevent them from reconciling. The 1981 disintegration of Abai Jebha by the allied forces of EPLF and TPLF was to inflame the simmering controversy prevailing between Muslims and Christians, is a prime example.

The Muslims and Christians reacted in opposite ways to the disintegration of Abai jebha; the Muslims, under Abdella Edris, probably through the intermediation of Syria and the communist blocks, renounced quest for Eritrean Independence, instead they accepted for Eritrea to be divided into two autonomous states along highland and lowland divide under Ethiopian hegemony and to align themselves with Ethiopian military to eradicate EPLF. On the other hands, the super majority of Christian tegadelity (Christian Fighters) flew to the Western countries availing themselves of the opportunities granted to them by the UNHCR very quickly mushroomed in many cities of the Sudan.

In 1991 the Ethiopian and Abdella Edris alliance was foiled by the victorious EPLFs, albeit for a short duration because Impostor isaias afewerk and woyane falsely pausing themselves as mortal enemies, reengineered the past and replunged the two countries into another bloody war in the name of border dispute, the end of which , now it is obvious, was to systematically and in a coordinate manner kill Eritrean Independence, its defences forces, economy and the social fabric of its population.

Since Eritrea was a Sovereign country recognized by the UN, probably counselled by experts, such as Paul Henze, the two villains knew that the war could not fetch them their desired ends and that they needed to manufacture a new strategy that could serve the impostor isaias afewerk as pretext to prolong indefinitely the state of war, and another to castigate and pulverize any oppositions as kedemti of woyane. it was towards that end that woyane not only refused to abide by the Final and Binding decision of the EEBC but also called back to Ethiopia the Eritrean islamist group led by Abdella Edris falsely promising to hand them over the mantle of Eritrean government after it removed from power its alleged enemy, impostor isaias afewerk.

Genuine Eritreans,

Although we are at edge of the cliff, now that the impostor isaias afewerk has finally removed his veils for his supporters to see the real monster they have been supporting for long time, we will defeat him on his own game. As we all know, nobody touches the people of Eritrea and gets away with it.