War Between Ethiopia And Eritrea Imminent

Ethiopian Prime Minister: War with Eritrea is Now Inevitable

Ethiopia warned on Tuesday that it may go to war against Eritrea because of what he called Asmara’s ‘destabilizing’ activities in the region. Addressing the parliament on Tuesday, Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn said his government has been informing the international community of its concern about Eritrea’s war-provoking activities in the region.

The independent ESAT TV reported that Hailemariam’s address came in the wake of Ethiopian rebel attacks in northern Ethiopia.

ESAT has been reporting that Arbegnoch Ginbot 7 rebels had inflicted heavy casualties on Ethiopian troops in several days of fighting along the border.

Ethiopia’s government spokesperson Getachew Reda on Monday dismissed ESAT’s report as fictitious, but the Prime Minister’s new accusations against Eritrea justifies ESAT’s report as authentic the Eritrea-based rebels were really engaged in combat operations against Ethiopian troops.

Ethiopia and Eritrea fought a costly war in 1998-2000 in which over 100,000 soldiers died on both sides. Despite signing a peace agreement, the countries have technically been on war footing.

Source: Ethiomedia