A Call to Protest against the tyrannical PFDJ Regime in Eritrea!


By Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis

Like all fascist governments, the current PFDJ government of Eritrea is openly terrorizing and dehumanizing the Eritrean people and crudely violating their basic human rights to freedom of expression, association, and peaceful assembly.

Indeed, the regime is holding more than ten thousand Eritrean political prisoners in its notorious underground prisons and other torture centres in various parts of the country under the most deplorable conditions. In fact, Eritrea has become an open prison for the Eritrean people. 

Consequently, the Eritrean youth are fleeing the country in their thousands due to lack of security, peace, freedom and guarantee of life. In the process, thousands of them have perished and are still perishing in the Mediterranean Sea and in the Libyan and Sinai deserts. 

It is therefore necessary to protest sharply against the endless suffering of the Eritrean people, especially the massacre of innocent civilians committed by the PFDJ regime on April 3 2016, and I am calling upon all justice-seeking Eritreans the world over to organise a large protest demonstration in front of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France. 

The purpose of this protest rally is to protest strongly against the ongoing widespread extrajudicial killings of innocent civilians, the gross human-rights violations and the torture of political prisoners in Eritrea, as well as against the illegal imprisonment of political prisoners for decades without the order of a properly constituted court.

In other words, the major aim of the demonstration is to expose the continued wanton and crude PFDJ aggression against the Eritrean people and to request the EU, the UN and all other democratic governments to exert the utmost pressure on the dictatorial PFDJ regime to stop the arbitrary arrests, kidnappings, tortures and killings of innocent Eritrean civilians and to release unconditionally all Eritrean political prisoners. 

In order to achieve the above objectives, Mdre Bahri pledges to participate in planning, organising and leading thdemonstration. Those who wish to contact Mdre Bahri in regard to this call should contact: Mdrebahri@gmail.com