A Comment from the Reader of Mdrebahri!!


Drs Tsegezab Gebregergis

As I am Eritrean and African who is fed up with human rights abuses, and political repression, I appreciate your concerns and stand for truth and justice.
I read your previous comments at this website regarding Russia’s quarrel with Turkey- after its fighter Jet was shot down; Saudi Intervention in Yemen, Human rights violations, relentless cruelty, tyranny and oppression in Eritrea and Ethiopia and so on. I appreciate this comment too.
Especially “parochialism and ethnocentrism in politics in today’s world does not advance the immediate and long-term political and economic interest of a nation and is not and cannot be the sign of strength”, is really a sound idea. However, most of African politicians and intellectuals make this kind of remarks in theory but they do not advocate putting it in practice.
In our case, most of the Eritrean scholars have a prejudice against the countries neighboring Eritrea, ignoring the underlying interdependence and mutual benefit with them.

We, African politicians and especially intellectuals residing at home abroad should accommodate each country’s interests and concerns. We should respect the diversity of the region, make innovative efforts and embark upon a path of regional peace and cooperation.

A limited outlook and ethnocentrism can only lead to stagnation and backwardness. We should play a positive and constructive role in promoting stability and development in the region.