A Critical Message to Readers!


Today, while I was navigating on the Internet, I visited Meskerem.net and came across the following rather awkward and poorly formulated sentence: “According to the Eritrean government, in Eritrea struggle for justice is betrayal; in Ethiopia heroism”.

In my opinion, however, the acceptable English would have been formulated as follows: “According to the Eritrean government, the struggle for justice in Eritrea is betrayal, while the same struggle for justice in Ethiopia is considered heroism.”

I would hastily add here, however, that the main message I want to convey in saying the above is that Eritreans are in no way obliged to write in the English language when their targeted audience is Eritrean. Nevertheless, if they decide to write in English because their intended target is a foreign audience, then it should at least be written in acceptable English.

However, Meskerem.net does not seem to care even slightly about the importance of writing in acceptable language when writing in English for a foreign audience.

It is thus high time that Meskerem and others take note of this important factor when writing in English.

Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis