A Criticism to Estifanos Temolso !! 


Dear Estifanos, First my greetings to you.

Basically I do not share Dr. Tsegezab Gebregergis views when it comes to Eritrean politics. However, for me he is the only Eritrean who openly condemns the occupation of Eritrean soil (territory) by the Tigrian rulers of Ethiopia. Obviously, this makes him an extraordinary a good citizen of Eritrea and for that he gets my huge respect and appreciation.

The problem is we Eritrean have no culture of constructive debate. We just label someone with whom we differ as pro Hgdf or anti-Hgdf. We should know that Eritreans citizens have the right to support or to oppose HGDF and join any political group of their choice.  It is the basic right of any individual to oppose or support. You seem to uncritically attack people as pro HGDF if they do not share your view. To say the least, such an approach and attitude is very dangerous and unproductive to the cause of Eritrea and its people.

by Fetewi Tes


  1. Thanks Fitwi for your criticism, but stil you must know that I have the right to suspect. I did not say Dr. Tsegazab is a tool of PFDJ but I still suspect. Anyone who does something that helps PFDJ in one way or another can be suspected of directly or indirectly collaborating with the regime. If not, Dr. Tzefazab can defend himself that this is not the case. Otherwise people have eyes to see and can read my criticism which I wrote in a news item. Very funny indeed! But the good Dr. wrote it as a news item. Many thanks to him because I do not deserve such attention.

  2. Okay what’s the problem if he support but clearly also critisies the regime.i don’t know when can we weakup from our day dream.PFDJ is the ruling party or organization which is not of Isias or you it of all people value which become ideaology.So insead of pointing finger or deminazing one to other lets paly constructevely.

  3. Hi Stefanos,
    I agree with you under one condition regarding the right to suspect. By your own logic, if you agree anyone who does something that helps enemies of Eritrea (TPLF……) in one way or another can be also suspected directly collaborating with enemies. Dr. Tsegazab is pursuing genuine opposition without compromising his integrity when it comes to the Eritrean state and people. I hope the bad Eritrean opposition groups to learn from Tsegazab. Finally let me tell you that I also do not share the same views with Tsegazab on many issues regarding Eritrean politics. but I respect him for his genuine views in defense of his country.