A Genuine and Insightful Advice from a Reader of Mdre Bahri!!


Contributed by Abel in Response to “Why is the alleged Sex-abuse Case of Eritrean underage Girls Shrouded by Secrecy?”

This seems clear power struggle in the church and is similar to what happened in Seattle about a couple of years ago. A Group of people who said they sympathize with justice seekers and happened to have a majority in the administration of the church blackmailed the priest and they throw him out of the church. Then they changed the lock and told the priest not to be seen around the church. Now they have all the resources of the church, appointed their own priests and control the administration. It is a sad story but it is true. I support that churches need to be out of politics but what happened in Seattle is the reverse. More or less you can say the church in Seattle was out of politics and now it is in politics. As a result it lost almost half of its worshippers. I believe this trend will continue in other places and will lead to the split of the churches involved in such situation. The sad part of it is people who have the interest of controlling the resources of the churches tend to brand themselves as opposition. That is not good for the opposition either. From what I have seen in Seattle what triggered the takeover of the church was job opportunity in the church (to hire relatives to serve as priests), financial greed and need to elevate your status in the society by controlling religions institutions. The majority of the people need to know those issues and devise a strategy to overcome them before they become other long lasting problems.