A Letter from a Concerned Eritrean to Dr. Hartmut Quehl, the Director Felsberger Institute, Frankfurt, Germany!

Dr. Hartmut Quehl,  Director of Felsberger Institute

& Dr. Günter Schroder, Eritrean contact group, FI

Dear Sirs,

I would first like to thank you and extend my deep and profound appreciation for your dedication, honest concern, and your efforts to bring peace, stability and democratic governance in Eritrea. I have read the invitation letter that your institution sent for some representatives of the Eritrean opposition parties, Eritrean Civic society organizations and German observers to attend a workshop which is going to be organized by the Felsberger Institute to be held from 13-14 November 2015 in Frankfurt.

As you have mentioned it in your invitation letter, “After nearly 25 years of EPLF/PFDJ rule in and domination over Eritrea, the country is in serious political, economic and social crisis. Speculations are on the rise that the days of the regime are numbered”. This is very true and every conscious person is aware of this worrying situation and the disaster that may follow after the fall of the regime. No one wants to see another Libya, Iraq or Syria. Such scenario not to happen in Eritrea, all concerned Eritrean citizens needs to get prepared in advance before any serious social unrest has happened in the country. The absence of an institutional mechanism of succession and lack of freedom of expression, assembly and association risk the creation of political vacuum and poses the danger of implosion. So, there is an urgent need by all opposition forces in diaspora including the intellectuals to come united and create a mechanism for having a smooth transition of power after the fall of the regime.

Dear Dr. Hartmut & Dr. Gunther;

The idea that you have planned to call few members of the opposition groups and civil society organizations is a noble idea when it is seen from a neutral academician point of view. However, from my observations and experiences as a citizen and a member of one of the political organizations, it is my strong belief that political opposition party leaders do not have the will and competence to work as political alternative to take over PFDJ. The politicians or leaders of the political parties are people who seem to have put their political interest above the national interest. This problem of the political opposition leaders has clearly manifested in practice in the last 25 years always quarreling among themselves creating wider gaps in our political and social relations. Moreover, most of the political parties and organizations seem to have been either infected with PFDJ (HGDEF) agents and sympathizers or many of the members of such organizations have not yet freed themselves from ill conceived ideas driven by wrong beliefs and narrow self –interest.

At present, the Eritrean people are really fed up of political organizations leading the people for democratic change to happen in Eritrea or to think they can fill the vacuum of power after the fall of the dictatorial regime.

Hence, what we need now is the emergence of genuine and capable leaders within the public arena. We are confident that there are a lot of Eritreans with various transferable skills who will be able to do the job with caliber, finesse and confidence that will surprise the Eritrean people in particular and the world community in general. Thus, we need to have people’s power, people’s representatives and not self-appointed political leaders.

Currently, there are a number of Eritrean Community Associations organized almost in all cities of their residence in diaspora which are inclusive representing all Eritreans irrespective of ethnicity, religion, political belief or region. These organizations can form permanently functioning Eritrean Local Assembly (ELF).Delegates from the ELA can then form Assemblies at various levels say country, continent and finally the Eritrean National People’s Council on a global level. This Council may even form a Government in Exile representing all Eritreans in diaspora .It is this Government in Exile that can really fill the power vacuum after the fall of the dictatorial regime.

The Felsberger Institute which has been studying political processes for many years is believed that the institution is very much aware of the Eritrean political opposition groups which are fragmented and mutually exclusive opposition groups have failed to bring any change for the last 25 years. So, it would be better if the main objective of the workshop is geared towards forming Eritrean National Council as a legitimate representative of the Eritrean people in diaspora.

The primary task of the Eritrean National Council shall be to abolish the dictatorship, stabilize the country and organize, supervise and conduct fair and free election within the 12 months time after the fall of the dictator.

I wish you all the best and success in your daily activities.

With Best Regards

Ibrahim Mohammed

The Netherlands