A Letter of Solidarity to Mdre Bahri from an Eritrean in the Netherlands!

Dear Drs. Tsegezeab


I just got your e-mail address from your website. Though I am not a contributor, I am a constant reader of your website. Moreover, I do follow you comments that you make in the Eritrean pal talk rooms. I do appreciate your intellectual contribution. We are all aware of the propaganda campaign going over Eritrea. It is a unionist campaign but in a new form. As you heard from Saturday’s paltalk discussion Mr. Mesfun Tsegay who claims to be a member of the Eritrean progressive party was saying that his party together with other political parties and individuals is planning to form a government in exile and topple the regime of Eritrea in cooperation with the Ethiopian government .At this moment where the government is weak and the people are economically, socially and politically are hammered and their moral is very low with a desperate  situation anything can happen to the country unless we as concerned citizens are aware of it and get organised without any division. We as intellectuals have the obligation to help our people organised in every city of their residence in Diaspora and then form an Eritrean Global Council that can represent all Eritreans in Diaspora. To this effect on 3 June 2015 I wrote an article in Tigrigna entitled “Grassroots Movement for Democratic Change.It was posted in Assena,Gereger and Togoruba. This week after seeing the aid proposal of EU to the Eritrean regime I wrote an article in the Netherlands news paper the Volks Krant which I am sending you as an attachment.

Dear Dr. Tsegazeab, this is the time where we as responsible and concerned citizens need to work hard in order to save our people and country from the danger and conspiracies coming from inside and outside the country.  

United We Stand!

With Best Regards