A Letter of Solidarity to Mdre Bahri!!


 “I would rather have Issayas Afeworki stay in power indefinitely than the opposition entering Asmara”(Alem Goitom, the owner of meskerem.net)

By Tewelde Gebremariam

It is a badge of honour and tremendous achievement when your enemy considers you a threat to his survival.

Alem Goitom, like Hagos Kisha, Yemane Monkey, Yemane Gebremeskel, Abraha Kasa, Asmellash Abraha etc., has been busy aiding and abetting the impostor Issayas Afewerki in wantonly perpetrate Crime against Humanity on our people.

 Many of us know that the impostor has been launching his Crime against Humanity under many false pretexts, such as, Woyane invasion, Woyane occupation of our land, the United States conspiracy to reverse Eritrean independence, the UNSC illegal sanction etc.

And since the aforementioned individuals and many others, including Alem Goitom, are not ignorant, it is impossible to give them the benefit of a doubt that they are unwittingly being manipulated to become his accomplices in his crime. No, they are not ignorant; they are simply cabals bent to decimate our people and country to achieve their shared goal.

Let’s be an angel’s advocate and advance the argument that it is the love of their country, the fear of its demise and the hatred of Woyane that is blinding and preventing them from grasping where the impostor Issayas Afeworki is taking them.

But this is impossible. If that were true, they would have dissociated from him in the wake of his recent flip-flops to save himself from the impending sword of the Commission of Inquiry after decades of purposely subjecting our people to abject poverty, to social disintegration, to mass escape from their own country, to the onslaught of human-traffickers, to virtual isolation from world community under false pretext of UNSC sanction and it’s alleged hostility to Eritrean policy of Self-reliance.

No, they do not love our country and therefore, are not concerned with its survival because, nor are they perturbed by his flip-flops, but they are simply applauding and ululating him on his recent deceptive propaganda on diplomatic, economic and social activities.

For example, when he leaked the release of four innocent people whom he had incarcerated for 14 years, Alem Goitom, unconcerned with the innocent prisoners’ ordeal, rushed to congratulate him.

At the same, he put out statement blaming the people of Eritrea as the culprit for their mass exodus from their country.