A Message to All the Readers of Mdre Bahri!!


10406488_10204638569474081_131900509330867781_nI have received several protests and messages from the readers of Mdre Bahri  requesting for an explanation as to why I posted  the “Secret PFDJ Documents”on the pages of Mdre Bahri.

Let me thus inform you that in due course of time I intend to issue an appropriate response why I posted them  (the “Secret PFDJ Documents”) on the pages of Mdre Bahri.

Thank you for your understanding.
With kind regards,

Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis
Mdre Bahri


  1. Drs. Tsegazab,

    By posting The Secret Document of PFDJ, I think you have earned the trust of the super majority of Eritrea people and, as will soon transpire, your website will be the site the people of Eritrea flock to know the truth.

    If I have any regret, it would be that it ought to have been titled as, The Dark Secrets of Isaias Afewerk, instead of the decoy, the PFDJ.

    As to the moans and groans of the eulogists and worshipers of the cult of the impostor, you must take it as a compliment because that shows your work is bearing fruits. But as you carry out your national duties, you must have adequate protection for your life since the impostor way of dealing with people like yourself is eliminating by death squads, and also watch what you eat, drink etc.

  2. We do not have to afraid what is going to happen to us. It depends on every individual strength. If we scare for our life, who is going say the right things about Eritrea.. Eritrea belongs to every Eritrean. any Eritrean has his opinion about Eritrea. The idea should be to the benefit of Eritrean people.
    I heard many things if statements. It statement time is passed a long time a go. The time is how Eritreans to get back their country from dictatorship to democratic system.