A Piece of Advice from a Reader to Mdre Bahri!!



Thank you for your piece of Advice; I have Already

Received Death Threats .

But “La Luta Continua, Vitória é Certa” (“The struggle for Justice and Democracy continues and Victory of the oppressed Eritrean People is Certain”.

Mdre Bahri!


By posting The Secret Document of PFDJ, I think you have earned the trust of the great majority of the Eritrean people and, as will soon transpire, your website will be the site the people of Eritrea flock to know the truth.images

If I have any regret, it would be that it ought to have been titled as, The Dark Secrets of Isaias Afewerki, instead of the decoy, the PFDJ.

As to the moans and groans of the eulogists and worshipers of the cult of the impostor, you must take it as a compliment because that shows your work is bearing fruits.

But as you carry out your national duties, you must have adequate protection for your life since the impostor way of dealing with people like yourself is eliminating by death squads, and also watch what you eat, drink etc.

Tewelde Gebremariam