A Piece of Advice to the worldwide Eritrean Mass Movement, Yiakil: Enough is Enough!


By Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis

Any advice given on time to any living organisation in reference to what it should or should not do, or what its priorities should be, is very useful for the healthy growth and development of an organisation.

Advice and constructive criticism should therefore always be welcomed.

It is therefore within this spirit and understanding of matters that I have decided to forward my piece of advice to the Yiakil mass movement.My advice is that, right from the get-go, Yiakil should be brave and transparent, allowing and accommodating the unrestricted expression of various views on issues, and should always work on the principle that there are two sides to every story. In other words, we must choose a solution-oriented approach and avoid authoritarian, monolithic or static approaches in our attempted understanding of issues.In other words, the Yiakil movement does not require a body of people (gate-keepers) assigned to censor/stifle the freely expressed views of members and sympathisers of the movement.Rather, Yiakil should provide a platform designed to function as a Market of Ideas: a platform which will, in the process, arm all those Eritreans opposed to the fascist PFDJ regime with scientific knowledge that will help the young to acquire a broad-minded outlook as opposed to a narrow, nationalistic outlook.

In short, the guiding philosophical principle of any movement such as Yiakil, whose goal is to accelerate the overthrow of a fascist dictatorship, should be: “Let a Hundred Flowers Blossom and a Hundred Different Schools of Thought Contend”.

Down with the totalitarian PFDJ regime!

The worldwide Yiakil movement will triumph!