A Response to Mengisteab Haile’s uninformed Remarks!


Mr. Mengisteab Haile, I read your ill-informed remarks about the article I posted in Mdrebahri.com in which I characterised Donald Trump as the modern day Hitler. 
Much to my surprise, you reacted as if the political remark I made about Donald Trump was about the private life of your immediate family. I, therefore, found your ill-informed outburst not helpful in any way, either politically or intellectually.
True, according to the classical meaning of the term “fascist”, Donald Trump may not fulfil the criteria for a fully-fledged fascist, but he bears all the toxic characteristic features and hallmarks of a modern right-wing fascist leader. Certainly, if you don’t agree with my views, you have the unrestricted right to write and forward seasoned and reasoned arguments to challenge my views intellectually. And I will definitely post these for the benefit of the readers of Mdrebahri.com.
Nevertheless, I am very surprised by your ill-informed and inappropriately angry reaction, because even many respectable American intellectuals on the left agree with my characterisation of Donald Trump as a modern-day Hitler (see the cover story).
By the way, here are the most salient characteristic features of fascism: ultra-nationalism and authoritarianism; demonisation and persecution of minorities; a demagogic appeal to masses and contempt and disregard for the rule of law; the promotion of force as a means to an end; militarism and war; and excessive control of the media and the crushing of criticism.
Who, in his right mind, would assert that Trump does not tick most of the above-stated characteristic features of fascism?
Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis