A Response to some nonsense aired by some sham-regime opponents!***


Surprisingly, at a time when Eritrea’s crude dictator is busy systematically destroying Eritrea and its people, some intellectually retarded and impoverished Eritrean elements are also busy asking ridiculous questions such as: “When will the Eritrean Dictator, Issaias Afeworki, address the Eritrean people about Covid-19?”

How could anyone in their right mind ask such a question, much less expect a fascist dictator hell-bent on waging a genocidal war against Eritrea and its people, to address and declare war on coronavirus? Don’t you know that coronavirus and the Eritrean dictator are natural allies? 

Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis


*** I have written and posted this article while I am very sick from the coronavirus related infection. It could well be my last contribution to the struggle against the Eritrean fascist dictator. I thus wish you well all my Eritrean brothers and sisters wherever you might be. 

May the Mighty God protect you with all your family members!

Forward with the struggle for justice and democracy.

Tsegezab Gebregergis




    • My dear brother Theodros, I received your message at a very difficult moment in my life. Indeed, your sincere prayers gave me hope at a hopeless moment. I thank you so much and God bless yes.