A Response to the Letter of a Concerned Eritrean!

Dear Editor,

I have found your website very important that It sounds” Being Eritrean” & I wish if you have a kind of platform which gives awareness to the Eritrean people In Tigrigna Language & about the so called ”opposition groups ”and their programs & how PFDJ is taking the country from disastrous to catastrophic situations. In my view the majority of opposition groups are sponsored by TPLF- Eritrea’s # one Enemy- and they want Eritrea to have a political system based on religion, ethnicity and region (just copy and paste of TPLF’s constitution). I believe from Eritrea’s historical point of view; it does not benefit the country if you focus only on the PFDJ’s evil things and not looking the other side’s dangerous movements then again we will be in trouble.


Dear Brother Johannes (John)

Many thanks for letting me know your feelings about the political stand and orientation of Mdre Bahri and the suggestions you have forwarded for me to consider.

I quite fully agree with you that there should be a Tigrinya section so that Eritreans of diverse ideological persuasions could freely debate in their own language about the political quagmire in which our country Eritrea finds itself in today.

I thus want to take this opportunity to inform you and other readers that people are absolutely free to write in any language of their choice. In fact, it is the policy of this website to encourage Eritrean readers to write in Tigrinya-for that matter in any Eritrean language or even in Arabic.

Let me also state it here, once again, that Mdre-Bahri website was created with a single purpose: to provide the most up-to-date information and analysis on burning issues related to Eritrean politics, human rights, democracy, war and peace. These are issues that have direct relevance to those practicing politics as a profession, alongside political and human right activists and others that have great personal interest in Eritrean affairs, as well as students and their teachers. In other words, the website has been created and designed to serve the timely need for information needed by all Eritreans who are actively engaged in the struggle to forge a new democratic Eritrea which strictly obeys the rule of law and rejects totally a one-man rule system. This site was indeed created to serve as the voice for human rights, Eritrean unity and democracy, as well as to promote the causes of peace, understanding and reconciliation among Eritreans in general and the different political groups opposed to the Woyane gangs ruling Ethiopia and the dictatorial regime in Eritrea.

Moreover, unlike other websites, Mdre-Bahri is absolutely opposed to the involvement of foreign forces, in any form (including under the “pretext of human right violations; the absence of democracy or Humanitarian Intervention“) in the internal politics of Eritrea. Similarly, Mdre-Bahri is uncompromisingly opposed to the internal elements which advocate in favor of foreign involvement and meddling in Eritrean internal affairs.

Put it differently, democratic change – one which does not endanger the sovereignty, unity and security of Eritrea and its people – should and must come through the sole and united efforts and struggle of all the nationalist Eritrean political forces in close collaboration and coordination with the nationalist forces inside Eritrea.

Thank you again.

With kind regards and every good wish,


Tsegezab Gebregergis