A Second Look at the May 1991 Eritrean Victory!


There was much boastful praise uttered and written by the EPLF/PFDJ alliance of corrupt Eritrean intellectuals about the protracted Eritrean armed struggle which finally defeated (in May 1991) the huge Ethiopian occupation army in Eritrea.

Strange as may seem, even at a time when political darkness has fallen on Eritrea and its entire people have been effectively buried alive, we still hear eulogies for the Issayas Afeworki-led Eritrean armed struggle and his fascistic PFDJ government.

However, seen realistically in terms of the incalculable human and material resources wasted, the victory of Eritrea against Ethiopia, led by the Eritrean dictator and his criminal associates, was extremely costly and a total failure.

Besides, considering the miserable living conditions of the Eritrean people today, the exodus of the entire Eritrean youth from the country, the perilous journey they have to undertake to reach the shores of Europe (see the above picture) and the wretched life they are condemned to lead as they are treated as unwelcome alien visitors everywhere, the enormous losses clearly outweigh the gain, so as to render the 30-year Eritrean struggle not worth the cost.

Thus, after all, is said and done, if it was anything at all, the dictator led Eritrean struggle has ended as a Pyrrhic and Cadmean victory: a “victory” which has paradoxically brought much more suffering and long-term damage to the people of the victorious country than to the people of the vanquished country. This is what this Pyrrhic and Cadmean victory, led by a mad dictator, is all about. 

Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis