Abel Garazgiher is found dead in Tilburg, Netherlands!


Yesterday, January 19, I issued a statement under the heading “Help us to Trace Abel Garazgiher Mangestab, a missing young Eritrean in the Netherlands”. In this announcement, I appealed to all Eritreans and other people of goodwill to assist the family of the missing 19-year-old in providing information that might lead to the whereabouts of Abel Garazgiher, or reveal whether he was dead or alive.

Shockingly and sadly, I learned this morning that Abel was found dead by a passer-by, floating in the canal not far from the area where he lived.

It is believed that Abel had committed suicide.

Recently many young Eritreans, in their prime of life, have committed suicide. This is mainly because of the unbearable suffering and ugly experiences they have had while fleeing the Issayas Afeworki-led fascist dictatorship and oppression, coupled with the traumatic experience of crossing the deserts and seas to reach the shores of the wealthy nations of Western Europe.

Therefore, as far as I am concerned, unless Eritreans in their millions act quickly in unity and remove the tyrannical regime, by whatever means possible, the future of Eritrea and its people, especially that of the youth, is very gloomy.

It is now decided by the family that, as soon as all the necessary preparations are complete, according to the custom of Eritreans living in the Diaspora, his remains will be returned to his beloved country, Eritrea, for a proper burial ceremony in the presence of members of his family and all those who loved him.

I, therefore, call on all Eritreans, especially those in the Netherlands, to support Abel’s brother, financially or otherwise, so that he can repatriate his beloved brother, as the Eritrean custom requires.

I am personally deeply affected by this tragic death of this promising young boy and I would, therefore, like to send my deepest condolences to his family and all those who loved him.

May his soul rest in peace!

Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis


PS: For those who would like to know the address in Tilburg where they can pay their tributes, who want information about the funeral arrangements, or who wish to contribute to the costs of sending Abel back to Eritrea, please contact his brother on this mobile number: 0031-685659187


  1. Very sad to hear that, but it would be great to avoid blaming Iseyas at all events. Because it sounds you using the young Eritrean life as to get support from the nation for your political activity. Simply you could say as immigrants that have been faced through journey he faced a lot of trauma. Which a lot of people suffering from it. It is called PTSD. PTSD can lead you to suicide if remains untreated. The best way to save our young Eritrean’s is to support to seek medical treatments and consults. Saying Eseyas Eseyas is not helping them . You just worsening their situations.