About This Site

About Mdre Bahri and Its Revised Rules!!

The designated name of this site is Mdre-Bahri. It is a website for Peace, Democracy, Unity and Human Rights. It is so named in order to remember the historical fact that, before the advent of European colonialism, most of the present-day region which became Eritrea under Italian colonial rule was known for many centuries by its distinct ancient African name, Mdre-Bahri (meaning the land by the sea). This region was a self-governing unit ruled by a governor with a throne titled Bahre-Negassi.

The governmental headquarters of the rulers of Mdre-Bahri were based in the village of Debarewa, some 25 kilometres from Asmara, the capital city of present-day Eritrea. Debarewa was an ancient site of the successive rulers of Mdre-Bahri, just as Gonder was for the Abyssinian rulers.

The European travellers who visited the region before the arrival of the European colonialists to Africa documented that the Mereb River was the natural border, separating Mdre-Bahri and Abyssinia.

1. The Purpose

The Mdre-Bahri website is an Eritrean website, created and launched on June 16 2015 in London, United Kingdom, with the single purpose of providing the most up-to-date information and analysis on burning issues related to Eritrean politics, human rights, democracy, war and peace. It is also a website that strives to enlighten the foreign policy of the big, medium and regional powers who affect, directly or indirectly, the lives of Africans in general and of independent Eritrea and its people in particular. These are issues that have a direct relevance to those practising politics as a profession, as well as political and human-rights activists and others with a great personal interest in Eritrean affairs, including students and teachers.

Mdre Bahri will also cover major and significant events in other political hot spots around the world.

In other words, the website has been created and designed to serve the timely need for information of all Eritreans who are actively engaged in the struggle to forge a new democratic Eritrea which strictly obeys the rule of law and rejects totally the system of one-man rule.

Indeed, this site was created to serve as the voice for human rights, Eritrean unity and democracy, as well as to promote the causes of peace,

understanding and reconciliation among Eritreans in general and the different political groups opposed to the dictatorial regime in Eritrea in particular.

Mdre-Bahri is thus absolutely opposed to the involvement of foreign forces, in any form (including under the pretext of human-rights violations or the absence of democracy), in the internal politics of Eritrea.

Similarly, Mdre-Bahri is uncompromisingly opposed to those internal elements which advocate foreign involvement and meddling in Eritrean internal affairs.

To put it differently, democratic change – which does not endanger the sovereignty, unity and security of Eritrea and its people – should and must come through the sole and united efforts and struggle of all exiled nationalist Eritrean political forces in close collaboration and coordination with nationalist forces inside Eritrea.

Mdre-Bahri will therefore welcome articles, comments and constructive criticism. However, it is absolutely important that visitors to this website clearly understand that any articles or comments submitted to appear must conform with the general rules outlined above and must not in any way hurl personal attacks, incite or promote hatred, attempt directly or indirectly to damage the personal integrity and dignity of others, use bullying tactics or try to defame.

Mdre Bahri will no longer accommodate nonsensical comments written in broken and unintelligible English. So our advice to the readers of Mdre Bahri is to write your comments clearly in your own language or else have it proofread and edited by someone who has a good command of the English language.

Everyone is free to criticize or disagree with the views expressed on this website using inductive and deductive logic/reasoning. In other words, one is free to express one’s disagreements in a civilized way, not in an aggressive and disrespectful manner.

But one is not free to insult, slander or accuse anyone without a shred of evidence. Henceforth, those who violate these stated and strictly applied rules of this website will be denied access and legal action may also be taken against them.


Welcome-to-the-World of Mdre-Bahri.

Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis, London, 6/3/2016