An Ethiopian, Shaleqa Dawit W/Giorgis, is demanding the construction of monuments to soldiers of the occupying Ethiopian army killed in action in Eritrea!


Is this not madness?

Drs Tsegezab Gebregergis

Dawit W/Giorgis is a former official of the military regime and has been a
frequent visitor to the Eritrean dictator, Issayas Afeworki and his close associates, both before and after Eritrea’s independence. He wrote recently:

“I am deeply grateful to the almighty that He gave me a few more years
to witness the resurgence of a united Ethiopia. Since Weyane came to
power, my interest has been the survival of the nation. That is what I
fought for as a soldier. That is what all my friends died for. That is
what over a million troops perished (for) during the era of Mengistu and Meles. Our heroes did not perish in vain.”

Dawit W/Giorgis is now forwarding a bizarre demand for the
construction of a monument in Asmara in memory of the thousands of
occupation soldiers from Ethiopia who died in Eritrea while on
a mission of destruction, looting, killing innocent Eritreans, burning
villages and raping Eritrean women.

I therefore wonder whether or not Dawit W/Giorgis understands that his
request for the construction of a monument to these Ethiopian soldiers
is actually asking for a reward for murderers and rapists. Shaleqa Dawit, is this not madness?

I understand that you might have been giving the EPLF a helping
hand during your time in Eritrea. If that is the case and
you want a reward for your service, this is something you will have to
discuss with the Eritrean dictator. But don’t ask Eritreans to
honour an Ethiopian occupation army that was on a criminal mission in Eritrea. For as far as Eritreans are concerned, this request
is a crude and blatant insult to the intelligence of Eritreans
who therefore expect an apology from you.

Long live the heroic Eritrean fighters who defeated the Ethiopian occupation army in Eritrea!