Bereket Habtesilassie- a Traitor Vagabond!!


By Embaye Melekin

Dr. Bereket Habtesilassie is a known Eritrean scholar with a tainted and chequered history. He is one of the premier Eritreans who greatly benefitted from the integration of Eritrea with Ethiopia as his biography reveals. However, Bereket Habtesilassie was always a controversial figure that few Eritreans understood fully for he was a chameleon who changed with the weather regularly and wherever it fulfils his purpose.

In the early 60s Bereket Habtesilassie was known for his relentless role and effort to establish the Organization of African Unity (OAU) and to be based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. When the OAU was finally endorsed by all African countries in 1963 Dr. Bereket was especially associated with one clause in the OAU Charter that became his brainchild and hallmark. The Emperor of Ethiopia, Haile Silassie, was determined to ensure the isolation of the Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF) and the Eritrean desire for total independence and from ever getting support or recognition from any African country. Dr. Bereket became the instrument of the Ethiopian government and fought tooth and nail to include the “non-interference in the internal affairs of member African countries” in the OAU Charter in 1963. The clause precluded any African country from any form of interference in the internal affairs of other member African countries.

Majority of the member African countries were totally against the clause being included in the charter of the OAU because it rendered the organization virtually ineffective and destroyed totally the very essence of establishing the OAU in the first place and wholly defeated its vital relevance to reform the continent. But Dr. Bereket and the Ethiopian delegates in the OAU used all sorts of coercions, intimidations and bribery to achieve their ultimate goals and secure the required votes to include it in the charter. The clause became the nightmare of the African continent for all sorts of genocides and atrocious acts were committed in some African countries and no neighbouring countries and the OAU were allowed to voice their concerns lest interfere and restore sanities in such gross human rights violators. Because of Dr. Bereket’s “non interference in the internal affairs of member African states” dictators flourished in the continent and exerted their wickedness, looting and ravaging the African nations.

The primary reason and the traitor Dr. Bereket knew, it was to quash any hope of the Eritrean struggle for independence from gaining any momentum or solicit any sympathy or concern from other African countries. Dr. Bereket’s fought hard to appease Emperor Haile Silassie and his dream was fully realized eventually. Eritrea never was recognized by any African country throughout our struggle for independence nor the Eritrean issue ever raised in the OAU because the Eritrean/Ethiopian war was considered as the “internal affair” of Ethiopia even though atrocious acts were committed by the Ethiopian government against innocent Eritrean population under the very nose of the OAU based in Addis Ababa, thanks to Dr. Bereket. And even worse and even though the OAU Charter recognized the colonial boundaries as the legal demarcations separating the various African countries they endorsed Eritrea, with the coercion of Dr. Bereket Habtesilassie, as an integral part of Ethiopia since Eritrea became part of Ethiopia in 1962 and the OAU was established and its Charter ratified in 1963, a year later. Hence, the Charter recognized the Eritrean/Ethiopian war as a civil-war and the “internal affair” of Ethiopia which disqualified member African countries from any form of interference in our struggle for independence even though the Eritrean issue was a genuine colonial issue since Eritrea was a former Italian colony similar to the other colonized African countries.

The traitor Dr. Bereket Habtesilassie continued to be the darling of Emperor Haile Silassie while Eritreans bled and died for our independence. Dr. Bereket never ever expressed any concern or displeasure at the pathetic situation Eritreans were going through but remained loyal to the Emperor who endorsed him as his loyal subject particularly since Dr. Bereket was married to an Amhara. This continued until 1974 when the Emperor was deposed by General Aman Michael Andom.

The traitor Dr. Bereket Habtesilassie quickly changed gears and betrayed Emperor Haile Silassie and became the darling of General Andom and was one of the most prominent Ethiopians who spoke against the “feudal government” of Haile Silassie, the very fatherly figure that pampered him for years. That honeymoon, however, did not last long and General Aman andom was killed and was overthrown by Mengistu Hailemariam who saw Dr. Bereket as an the enemy he has always been and his life was under a very precarious threat. Dr. Bereket had to look for greener pastures elsewhere and turned to Eritrea that he had betrayed for years. He absconded to Tigray when he became a wanted person by the Dergue and Mengistu Haile Mariam and was rescued by ELF freedom fighters and taken to ELF camps.

Dr. Bereket did not get the “respect” and prominent position he expected within the ELF. He quickly flipped sides, betrayed the ELF that saved his life, and joined the EPLF. Soon, Dr. Bereket became the nightmare of the ELF which he described as “jihadists” “Moslem organization” “Arab mercenaries” etc. in his numerous interviews with Focus on Africa, a BBC program, Voice of America, German Radio etc. His disdain for the ELF and Muslims in Eritrea was staggering. He became a Christian crusader who saw the EPLF as the restorer of Christian supremacy in Eritrea. He continued to trumpet the glories of mad dog Isyas Afewerki until our independence.

Mad dog Isayas Afewerki did not disappoint his known stooge and puppet, Dr. Bereket Habtesilassie, and he appointed him to draft the Eritrean constitution. I had the opportunity to confront Dr. Bereket when he came to Toronto and told him, in front of hundreds of Eritreans, how shameful it was for a traitor like him to be assigned the noble duty of drafting our sacred constitution. I remember him blabbering all sorts of self-aggrandizing rhetoric promoting himself as an honorable person without any blemish. I wore ramshackled clothes to show my disdain for him that day.

Dr. Bereket toured the world to draft the crap he calls Eritrean constitution that has been already discarded by mad dog Isyas Afewerki. Soon, Dr. Bereket who promotes and elevates himself shamelessly as the liberator of Eritrea lost favor with mad dog Isayas Afewerki and was “frozen” and thrown away as the trash that he is. As usual, Dr. Bereket changed gears again and continued his self aggrandizement drive to boost his ego. He betrayed the man he worshipped, mad dog Isayas, the derailed lunatic he once described as the “hope of Africa” “the best leader in Africa” and went into a barrage of accusations against the Agame dictator. He wrote a book to upgrade and endorse himself as the custodian of the liberation of Eritrea and he exaggerated the minuscule role he played during our independence. Much to his dismay he was shunned by many Eritrean websites and was discarded as the junk that he was but found favor in the eyes of the jihadist Agame Jeberti illegal immigrant, Salih Johar Gadi, who assigned him a column to air his nonsense in his website, Salih Johar Gadi is a declared Agame Jeberti who is no better than Dr. Bereket Habtesilassie and sees himself as the primary custodian of our liberation and promotes his Jeberti agenda and promotes the criminal Agame Jeberti Abdulkadir Khebire as the father of our independence falsely. There, Dr. Bereket continued to rehabilitate himself and portray himself as if he is the father of unity and praised Muslims, those whom he denigrated for years in his numerous interviews, and attempted fruitlessly to gain the prominence he desperately craves for among Eritreans.

Eritreans know that what matters to Bereket Habtesilassie is only Bereket Habtesilassie. Bereket Habtesilassie has no loyalty to anybody but to Bereket Habtesilassie. Dr. Bereket sees himself bigger than the Eritrean nation and its people and feels, rightly or wrongly, he is an authority and exclusive spokesman for Eritrea. He feels Eritrea should follow and be guided by his dictates and principles. Dr. Bereket thinks he is too big to join any opposition groups in the diaspora to fight against the dictatorship of mad dog Isyas Afewerki in Eritrea. He is too important, too intellectual, too egocentric, too narcissist, too full of himself, too delusional and self-deceptionist, too engrossed in falsehood to see himself as the crap and conscienceless that he is.

Today, the chameleon Dr. Bereket is once again on the move to fulfill his quest for another fertile ground to reverberate his usual nonsense. He has gone back to his original home, where he started his grandiose self glorification and where he learnt how to betray his homeland of Eritrea. Today, Dr. Bereket has gone back to Ethiopian and has maneuvered his age old tricks to gain favor in Ethiopia. He has now, at last found the most fertile ground to disperse his grand lies and blow his trumpet. He has become the darling of Woyanne and other chauvinist Ethiopians. He is heard repeatedly saying that Hamassiens originated from Dembia and are Amharas by heritage who migrated to Eritrea from Ethiopia. He does so with the other ethnic groups in Eritrea and portrays them as Ethiopians by origin rendering Eritrea as an extension of Ethiopia falsely. He is even daring and often heard saying in Ethiopian programs that Eritrea cannot exist as a viable nation on its own. He believes that Eritrea must be confederated with Ethiopia if is to grow as a nation.

Dr. Bereket disvalues the long struggle and sacrifices of the Eritrean people and espouses stronger integration between Eritrea and Ethiopia. He has once again gone to his Christian crusaders rhetoric and virtually endorses Tesfaxion’s Agazian historical distortions and believes Ethiopians and Eritreans have much affinity with one another linguistically and religiously as Christian nations. His efforts to nullify the long and hard won independence of Eritreans are glaringly clear in his many interviews with Ethiopian news outlets. What this brainless narcissist clown would say next is anybody’s guess. His addiction to self-aggrandize himself at any cost is mind boggling. Dr. Bereket is a man that would sell his mother to the highest bidder just to glorify himself. Eritreans should not expect this traitor and chameleon to echo their true patriotic sentiments but his own skewed ambitions that are geared only to prop up the sickly egos of Dr. Bereket exclusively.

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