Breaking News: TPDM Chieftain, Mola Asgedom, Fled to Ethiopia!!


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London, September 11, 2015, at 23.50

Mdre Bahri has received unconfirmed reports coming from Eritrea that there has been a shoot-out between Ginbot-7 and DEMIT forces stationed in Eritrea and that Mola Asgedom, the Tigrian People’s Democratic Movement (TPDM) boss, has fled to Ethiopia.

According to some reports, there have been also serious military clashes between the fleeing forces loyal to Mola Asgedom and the Eritrean border guards and there are causalities from both sides. It is also believed that some 600 TPDM fighters have escaped to Ethiopia while others have taken shelter in the Sudan.

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  1. this is good news for GINBOT 7 ARBEGNOSH GINBAR THE AMHARA & afar now what they need is they have to confence BRG GENERAL KAMAL GELESHU to join them be cause the CANCER IS GONE because all the gruop left now are all WEYANE ENEMYS lets start the VOLCANO EROUPT

  2. It is a good opportunity for the rest of the forces to attack TPLF without those jerks. It would have been very dangerous if they continued acting a fighter while their real intent is another. When I see many of the Tigre fighters, they start fighting when they face the wall in their life. That is why the so called Molla is going back to Ethiopia where he principally claimed ill democratic. They are all bullshit collections coming together in Eritrea for no reason. Fuck you the illiterate Molla and other narrow minded Tigre people. .

  3. From 300000, 600 tdm rebels run away inter sudan. The remaining still in eritrean , molla and a few were Tplf missioner cleand out from eritrean fear of the critical consequences.
    Many of tdm are truly anti Tplf. The eritrean government seriously in take how to utilize this power .
    Next few tdm will expected to play a great roll

  4. ithink WEYANE call him to diffend them WEYWNE know the millitary the majorty is OROMO & AMHARA so WEYANE know if the ETHIOPIAN oppositon open war they can not find to diffend them so they need some one incase somthing happen &the ERITREAN opposition are not heliping them they are not doing nothing so they think MOLA ANGOSOM was in ERITREA & he knows evry thing so he mey make some damege against ERITREA because they are not geting nothing from the ERITREAN opposition exept craying to UN & USA

  5. U know let us analize the situation. The ereterean government is naturally selfish. A government that do not care of his people will not be a guarantee for the Ethiopian Opposition forces like TPDM, Ginbot-7 etc. So working with such undemocratic and dictator government is an indication of silliness. Therefore, Mola’s decision is perfect. In my stand, TPDM should not work with Ginbot-7 also. Because this group tries to compromise with the Ethiopian people national interest. For example, when the Egyptian Musslim brother hood party tries to support G-7 to combat ethiopia so that not to build the Abay dam, the G-7 leaders were very happy and welcomed the idea. This implies that this group donot care about national interest of ethiopia. So this group should not have a moral and capacity to lead ethiopia. The other reason why TPDM should not work with the ereterean government is that it does not care about the Ethiopian people, do not respect our people, treat us like idiot. Therefore, Mola’s decsion is perfect. And the Ethiopian people and government should respect him and his troops.

  6. you are right we treat WEYANE LIKE idiots not ETHIOPINS evry one treat WEYANE different remeber SAUDI ARAB exple 100.000 AGAMES because they infect the caountry so you are right we teart you the way you want be treated

      • I Think some times people needs to understand their limitation and their knowledge . They should talk according their education or their political steps.
        Some of their common here is very funny and childish no one give them attention
        Eritrean has been fleeing to every where through the sea illegally and dead every where. Eritrea at the moment is in high risk in political; economically; public health is big issues
        Some of the Eritrean who commont here or above are very unique well sick mains or I can say lake of education or they are illiterate to explain their idea like their president Isias Afewerki so gays ignored them
        COMMANDER Mola Asgedom is tough and hero leader he and his soldiers damaged and broke the Eritrean Armies then back to their own country .
        Because They knew olready eritrea have no future in any steps too many lies and Ato Brhanu Nega he well ioregan and idiot he can not lead any public in his life even hard to lead his own life
        Hi is dreaming something in possible but everyone know him he is the person who telling lier and collocting some money from people who live in over seas by telling them wrong information the other hand ESAT they call them Journalist it’s funny what kind of journalism is that are they
        Haha are they really university graduated no
        Or they are year 7 or 8 even they didn’t finish high school
        But they know allot about how to lies they are pretty lies every thing what ever they says absolutely lies incorrect untrue so they are the opposition trying to hold position in Ethiopia those are the people who talking about democracy this is funny really they are mad and sick
        They should look after their selves

    • Tesfalidet Really below an idiot,valueless-donkey….we Ethiopians are proud eventhough we are not as such economically wealthy ,but better than Eritrea…saudi didn’t expell only Ethiopians rather you and ur brothers sisters were shouting…..

  7. Whether the war or the game is over before started. 1. They catch the G-7 chief andargachew at this moment every single strategy or call it z core soul of the group tactic dissmised. it was a massive damage for G-7 And 2. Know the TPDM was secretly organized and gathered every single military strategy for a year. Oh oh Lord oh Lord what a strategy. EPRDF ‘s intelligence become like the East Africa MOSSAD or CIA. I don’t think any group after this have a gut to continue any further movement. I just gave a huge nodding like Steve wonder for EPRDF. I salute you EPRDF!!!!!! Now any investor in EAST Africa can have a confidence to invest and also Western govt. bravo EPRDF !!!!! Tranquilize them all before they grown up! EPRDF the true color of Ethiopian Lion!!!!!!

  8. Ha ha ha
    Here is one of the animals Agamme is the one who same get you cleaned you out of badme and Zallambessa until your soldier run way when a games soldier trying to control Asmara 80 km way. If international committee and the Hon Prim minister Meles Zanawi were not asking the Ethiopian soldier to stop and to back they were to capture the whole can try. Those hero’s were A game. But be careful at the moment if stared no mercy
    I need to tell you just look after your self person with very rare or bit knowledge should not bather

  9. So go and get some didn’t you hear what TPDM.are saying MOLA was cower he was not a good leader so eny if weyane is thinking that Eritrea is weak and try to do somthing stupid it will be the end igurenty did you know some pilots defect to Eritrea last year with their helicopter then weyane was saying Eritrea have to turn the Helicopter but when Eritrea say come.and get it weyane start SHITINGIN in their pants

  10. We know you well when you lies
    Eritrean soldiers even didn’t have the abilities to stop Commander Mola and his 800 solders mola and his soldiers fought and damaged the Eritrean soldiers then passed crossed the boarder Ethiopia can fight with weak and non sense soldiers but give you some quenscens to panished you from talking and doing illegally to ur own people go and ask where the Eritrean escaping and running away almost 2000 to 5000 every month to Ethiopia and running away crossing the seas
    And you talking just all crapts and none sense go and learn to talk honestly sentences
    Don’t lies always lies
    Until you die
    Go clean your selves

    • Oh Tesfaldet abraha I am ashame as Eritrean brother who has no clue what is going on. Why don’t you listen and shut up. Your comment is use less.Why wasting your time. You better go to school bro.

  11. Genuine eritreans must disregard the disintegration of DEMHIT. We must rather focus our attention on the removal of the impostor. And since the UN General Assembly will soon be in session , among others, to consider punitive measures on Isaias afewerki’ for his Crime Against Humanity, by gathering around the UN headquarter, we must reverberate and shake the General Assembly with our avalanche of voices that the crime of isaias afewerki far exceeds the Report compiled by the COI , that it is comparable to genocide.