Breaking News: Colonel Abiy Ahmed has arrested Jewar Mohammed & Bekele Gerba!


The Ethiopian Empire is on the Eve of its inevitable Disintegration!

Reliable sources have informed today that two prominent Ethiopian political activists, Jewar Mohammed and Bekele Garba, were arrested on the direct orders of the Ethiopian dictator, Colonel Abiy Ahmed, the ally of the Eritrean fascist dictator.

The arrest came at a time when the country is in heightened tension due to the murder of Hachalu Hundessa, a well-known Oromo singer, songwriter, and political activist.

It, therefore, appears that Hundessa’s assassination and the arrest of Mohammed and Garba have furnished the much-needed excuse and opportunity (casus belli) to set the country on fire.

Consequently, there now seems nothing to stop the long-predicted disintegration of the Ethiopian Empire, as with all empires before it.

The simple logic of history is that empires that are formed by fire and sword cannot be reformed; they have to be relegated to the dustbin of history. That is where the present Ethiopian Empire is also heading.

Therefore, we shall soon witness, among other events, the emergence from the ruins of a politically independent Republic of Tigrai. Democratic minded Eritreans and other progressive forces should, therefore, be prepared to welcome such developments in the Horn of Africa that free imprisoned nations and nationalities. After all, Eritreans must clearly understand that the Ethiopian Empire and its dead weight has always been, and will always be, the mortal enemy of Eritrea and its people.


Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis

June 30, 2020