COVID-19: Man-Made or God-Sent Disease?


Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis

The Japanese Immunologist, Professor Dr Tasuku Honjo 

On April 13, I posted a short article under the above title. After portraying the great danger that the disease poses to humanity, I posed the following question: who created CoVid-19 in – as its name suggests – 2019?

Going purely on the behaviour of the disease and its ability to penetrate and attack quickly the strategic organs of the human body, I stated plainly that CoVid-19 was a man-made, not a natural or God-sent, scourge. Arguing from a logical perspective, I asked the question: why would the Almighty God who, according to Holy Scripture, created Man in His own image and set him free to lead an autonomous life in harmony with nature, send a killer disease, creating panic and suffering of epic proportions throughout our planet?

Consequently, I explained that all the signs seem to suggest that CoVid-19 is the product of the Devil-inspired secret society ruling and directing the affairs of this planet.

I, therefore, tried to demonstrate that the final project of this secret society ruling our world today was to destroy humanity as we know it and to replace it with slave-like beings who are half-human and half-machine and I expressed my feeling that this was a very frightening development.

After having explained that this darkness that has fallen on humanity has not happened overnight, I tried to show that this project to create frightened and helpless human beings has been going on for many decades and has been covered up by the one-world, or new international, order. Interestingly enough, the former US President, George Bush, had also warned as early as 2005 about the coming of the killer disease and outlined in a detailed manner how America should prepare itself in order to minimize the damage the pandemic flu could cause to the American people.

Consequently, in 2020, CoVid-19 has created the fertile soil for the creation of helpless human beings who are totally at the mercy of invisible forces accountable to no one and who are played with like toys and experimented on freely.

Interestingly, a renowned and highly respected Japanese professor of immunology, Dr. Tasuku Honjo – who in 2018 shared the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine with an American immunologist, James P Allison – caused a sensation in the media on April 27 by claiming that the coronavirus was not natural and by saying that, if it were natural, it would not have affected the whole world as it has done.

According to Professor Honjo, the deciding factor in this is that the temperature is different in different countries. If the virus were natural, it would only have affected countries with the same temperature as China. Yet, instead, it has spread to countries such as Switzerland in the same way that it has spread to desert areas.

Professor Honjo then convincingly explained that, if the virus were natural, it would have spread only in cold places, but died in hot places. Furthermore, he stated that, after his 40 years of research on animals and viruses, he can state assuredly that it is not natural. Rather, it is manufactured and completely artificial.

He further stated that he had been working for four years in a laboratory in Wuhan, China, he knew all the staff working at that laboratory well and had called all of them after the coronavirus outbreak, but all their phones had been dead for three months. In his words, it is understood that all these laboratory technicians are dead.

Professor Honjo says that, based on all his knowledge and research, the coronavirus is 100% unnatural. According to him, it did not come from bats. China made it and, if what he has claimed turns out to be false now, or even after his death, his Nobel Prize should be withdrawn. He concludes by saying: “China is lying and this truth will one day be revealed to all.”