COVID-19: Man-Made or God Sent Disease?


A Must Watch Video

COVID-19: Man-Made or God-Sent Disease?***

A Must-Watch Video

Today I came across a video with rather frightening content, which portrays the great danger to humanity associated with the advent of the new coronavirus. The story is narrated by an  Evangelical preacher.

The question is: who created CoVid-19 in – as its name suggests – 2019?

The video, which I have posted, shows convincingly that CoVid-19 is a man-made, and not a God-sent, scourge. Besides, seen from a logical perspective, why would Almighty God who, according to Holy Scripture, created Man in His own image and set him free to lead an autonomous life in harmony with nature, send a killer disease which creates panic and suffering of epic proportions throughout our planet?

The fact of the matter is that all the signs seem to suggest that CoVid-19 is the product of the Devil-inspired secret societies ruling and directing the affairs of this planet.

I would therefore like readers to understand clearly that the final project of the Devil-inspired secret society ruling our world today is to destroy humanity as we know it and to replace it by a slave-like being who is half-human and half-machine. This is very frightening indeed.

It must be clearly understood that the darkness which has fallen on humanity did not happen overnight. Work towards creating frightened and helpless human beings has been underway for many decades but has been covered up by the one-world, or new international, order.  

In 2020, CoVid-19 has now created fertile conditions for the realisation of total fear and the creation of helpless human beings throughout the globe, who are at the total mercy of invisible forces unaccountable to no one. Already, human beings have become like toys to play and experiment with.

I thus ask: could the clear signals that we see today throughout the world be the first stage in the complete and final destruction of the world, as described in the biblical book of Revelation?

Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis

*** For strange reasons, as soon as I have posted the video, it was removed.