Democratic Rights are the Inalienable Natural Rights of the Eritrean People!


A lot of people seems to believe wrongly that the democratic imagesrights enjoyed in democratically constituted societies are given to them by governments. The truth is, however, that democratic rights are not granted by governments to their citizens. This is because democratic rights are inalienable natural rights.

What do we mean by saying that democratic rights are inalienable natural rights?

We mean that these are the rights that all people have at birth. In other words, inalienable rights are God-given natural rights. Therefore no government can take them away. These rights are not destroyed when civil society is created and neither society nor government can remove or “alienate” them.

Inalienable rights include freedom of speech and expression, freedom of religion and conscience, freedom of assembly and the right to equal protection before the law. Since these rights exist independently of government, they cannot be legislated away, nor are they subject to the momentary whim of a dictator or even of an electoral majority.

This is why these basic rights form the cornerstone of a democratic state based on the rule of law. These rights include the inviolability of human dignity, the requirement that all public authority be bound by the constitution, as well as liberty and personal freedom. Furthermore, these basic inalienable democratic and human rights cannot be abrogated

Governments deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed are thus instituted in society in order to protect these fundamental and inalienable human freedoms.

It is therefore very important for Eritreans to know that it is by dismantling the basic and inalienable democratic rights of the Eritrean people that Eritrean dictator Issayas Afeworki has established totalitarian dictatorship in Eritrea. In doing so, the fascist Eritrean dictator has declared war on the Eritrean people. The Eritrean people therefore have the right to use any means at their disposal in order to protect and restore their usurped fundamental human and inalienable democratic rights.

Down with fascist dictatorship in Eritrea!


  1. Yes, we have been forbidden from our natural rights that are God given. In our traditional law our forefathers were able to defend from their leaders based on the legal system that were applied in the old customary law. The application of ” habel dagna” to mention out of the many laws applied. Now Mr Issayas is the moaosist of Eritrea that born from the new settlers in Eritrea telling us there was no rule of law Eritrea.
    The university of Sahil graduated in philosophy of dictatorship.What do we expect from Sahil valley landscape? Zero expectation. Going to Sahil for graduation is a privilege to control the people of Eritrea.We did not see the Shabia leadership graduation in the university of Sahil to function to the norms of our people.