Desale Bereket Abraham (Mic Free): The Mad Dog Woyane Mercenary is spreading venomous lies against Eritrea and it’s People!!


Against all odds, Eritrea became officially independent and a member of the UN with its beautiful and meaningful blue, red and green coloured flag waving among the flags of the world since May 24, 1993.

Eri Flag

Since then, especially so after a renewed war broke out between Ethiopia and Eritrea in May 1998, many of the diehard and chauvinist anti-Eritrea Tigrian and Amhara intellectuals and some of the hired Eritreans and the pro-Ethiopia western writers have been incessantly busy advocating war and hatred against Eritrea and its people with the aim of creating war-mongering population which wanted to destroy everything associated with Eritrea and Eritreanism.

To be sure, the anti-Eritrea Ethiopian and non-Ethiopian writers are those who stands opposed to the Eritrean independence movement and to the version of Eritrean history produced by Eritreans themselves.

Indeed, the anti-Eritrea Tigrian and Amhara writers and their western sympathisers were busy fomenting and disseminating an avalanche of poisonous articles and chauvinist sentiment against Eritrea in the newspapers, on the Internet, radio and television broadcasting. Some of the virulently anti-Eritrea writers who wish Eritrea nothing other than apocalyptic, forgetting conquest is not unity, were even unashamedly calling for the re-conquest of independent Eritrea and for the expulsion of Eritreans from Ethiopia. Indeed, to date more than 100.000 Eritreans and Ethiopians of Eritrean origin were systematically dispossessed and illegally deported back to Eritrea by the woyane gangs ruling Ethiopia.

However, after all was said and done, the chauvinist anti-Eritrea Amhara and Tigrian writers who were busy falsifying and distorting the Eritrean past and maligning the legitimate anti-colonial struggle of the Eritrean people, were totally exposed and crushingly defeated by the pen of the heroic Eritrean intellectuals, just as their woyane masters and their occupying army were crushingly defeated by the heroic Eritrean defense forces.

We now have another mad dog woyane mercenary and a rather ignorant, lonely and despised individual named Desalegn Bereket Abraham– one who claims to be an Eritrean- but who is working day and night to virulently vilify, distort and wantonly misrepresent the Eritrean past and present; slandering the heroic, victorious and legitimate anti-colonial independence struggle of the Eritrean people and attempting in vain in belittling and delegitimizing the long, self-less and heroic struggle of the Eritrean freedom fighters.

Mdre Bahri thus strongly condemns the uncalled-for disgusting activities of this lumpen woyane mercenary individual and advises him to stop immediately his malicious and poisonous propaganda lies against Eritrea and its honourable people.

Mdre Bahri, London, October 28, 2015