Do the EU Leaders Know that 50 Percent of the Refugees Posing as Eritreans in Europe are Actually Ethiopians?

Editorial Comment

Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis



According to a VOA report, French President Francois Hollande says Africa needs more international development aid in order to curb the flow of migrants from African countries. Hollande, speaking at a meeting of more than 60 leaders from Africa and the European Union, said that unless the EU delivers in terms of aid, the migration crisis that has seen hundreds of thousands of people fleeing to Europe this year will continue. Hollande noted that a lot of the migrants are from Eritrea and Sudan. He said that in the case of Eritrea, “maximum pressure” has to be applied to the country’s leaders to mend a serious situation. “Nobody is talking about it [Eritrea]. It is a country that is becoming empty of its own population with unscrupulous leaders who let their people go.”

While there is  truth in the claim that Eritreans are leaving the country in their thousands to escape from the oppressive open-ended military service, it appears that the French leader has no idea at all that almost 50 percent of the refugees posing as Eritreans in Europe and elsewhere are actually Ethiopian refugees fleeing from the rule of the tyrannical Tigrian rulers of Ethiopia.  Interestingly at long last, the Austrian Ambassador to Ethiopia, Mr. Andreas Melan, has confirmed to all those who wanted to know the hard-truth that among the thousands of ‘Eritrean’ migrants in Europe, 30 to 40 percent are actually Ethiopians.

Consequently, Mdre Bahri believes that it is in the interest of European policy makers and Eritrea that the existing discrepancy as regards the true identity of the refugees flowing from the Horn of Africa to Europe is correctly identified and the mistakes rectified. The sooner this is done, the better for the refugee-producing as well as for the refugee-receiving countries.

What is more, it is now high time that European leaders espouse refugee policies which reflect the plain truth as expounded by the Austrian Ambassador to Ethiopia and not on the basis of the malicious pack of lies periodically disseminated against Eritrea and its people by the TPLF rulers of Ethiopia and their agents.