Does the Rogue TPLF Regime have the Legal basis and Capacity to Effectuate Regime change in Eritrea?


Only Eritrean Patriots are Vested with the Legal Right to Bring Regime Change in Eritrea-Mdre Bahri!!

According to Alex De Waal, a writer on Horn of Africa Affairs…the fact that Eritrea has decisively escaped Ethiopia’s trap does not mean it has suddenly become a more viable dictatorship. On the contrary, the renewed geostrategic interest in the country and its 750-mile Red Sea coast make the question of who succeeds Afewerki, who has been in power for a quarter century, all the more contentious — especially since Ethiopia has long sought to hand pick a replacement for the Eritrean president.

Already, Ethiopia mounts regular small military sorties on the countries’ common border to let Eritrea know who is the regional powerbroker. It would not take much for these tensions to explode into open war.

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