Elias Kifle: Mola Asgedom Was Kiddnapped by Woyane Security Agents with Shabia connivance!

untitledtrapped in eritrea

Following the dramatic abduction of TPDM chairman Mola Asgedom from Eritrea last Friday, the Eritrean regime (Shabia) placed travel restrictions all Ethiopian opposition leaders, according to the latest update EthiopianReview.com has received from its sources about the situation in Eritrea. Many of the opposition leaders, including Kemal Gelchu, Hailu Gonfa, Meazaw Getu and others have never been allowed to leave Eritrea ever since they arrived there directly from Ethiopia. But those who went to Eritrea from the Diaspora are normally allowed to leave, with the exception of Yosef Haimanot, who went there and disappeared two years ago. Last week, a former assistant to EPPF chairman who escaped to Ethiopia confirmed that Yosef was killed by Shabia. However, after Friday’s incident, Shabia has placed similar restrictions on all Ethiopian opposition groups, including Ginbot 7 leaders while investigating the TPDM debacle. EthiopianReview.com is investigating an information that one of them (whose name is withheld for now), was planning to leave Eritrea on Monday, but he has not left as of today. We are continuing our investigation and will post updates as we receive more information. Meanwhile, a serious concern is currently being expressed by a growing number of activists in the Ethiopian opposition camp regarding the condition under which Ginbot 7 chairman Dr Berhanu Nega and comrades went to Eritrea. Within a span of 16 months, two top leaders of Ethiopian opposition — Andargachew Tsige and Mola Asgedom — have fallen in the hands of the Woyanne junta. Berhanu Nega would have been the 3rd had Woyanne’s plan fully succeeded last week. Previously, another senior leader, Col. Tadesse Muluneh, was thrown in jail by Shabia with no explanation what so ever. In light of such egregious developments, how long are the Ethiopian opposition leaders continue to be too blind, mindlessly? We will discuss this matter in detail another time.

Source: ER