Eritrea Is Sliding Into Fascism!




I wrote this article bearing the above title on August 18, 2001, and was posted on the Awate website. This is the first article of its kind which recognised the need for the establishment and realisation of an Independent Worldwide organization of “Eritreans for Peace and Democracy” and coordinate their struggle for democracy and national unity.

I am posting it again here for the benefit of the readers of


Since Eritrea secured its political independence from Ethiopia in May 1991, the country has faced one political crisis after another due to the erratic, greedy and dictatorial political behavior of the EPLF/PFDJ sole political party ruling Eritrea. The multifaceted crisis bedeviling Eritrea has now reached a point of no return. Indeed, Eritrea is heading towards a complete disaster under the irresponsible leadership of the “People’s Front for Justice and Democracy” (PFDJ). Currently, a bloody power struggle is being waged inside Eritrea between the internal political forces that want change and the forces of tyranny that want to kill and bury change. It is thus very important to understand the outcome of the ongoing struggle between the anti-democratic PFDJ and the democratic-minded reformers is likely to have far-reaching consequences than most of us now realize. It is therefore essential to understand that change will come to Eritrea only if there is an organized political force inside Eritrea leading the struggle.
The bold initiatives already undertaken by the internal political forces to challenge the tyrannical regime are thus a courageous step in the right direction. However, in order for the struggle to prevail, the forces of change need our firm and organized political support now. For if we fail to provide them the timely needed active solidarity, then the outcome of the struggle might end as tragically as that of the heroic struggle of the “Mencai” revolutionary intellectuals in the 1970s. I am referring here to the coldblooded and wholesale murder of the more than a dozen Eritrean revolutionary democrats by the EPLF leadership in 1975. Should there be political persecution against the Eritrean democrats struggling for democratic change in kangaroo courts with the intention to humiliate them, there could be no doubt that this will create political turmoil in Eritrea which one cannot predict its outcome. It should thus be abundantly clear to everyone that Eritrea is sitting on dynamite today.
To save Eritrea from the political apocalypse, the collective and coordinated action of all forces of change inside and outside of the country is urgently needed now. In my opinion, the imminent danger hovering over Eritrea can only be averted if the internal and external Eritrean political forces opposed to the anti-democratic PFDJ-political leadership succeed to:
(a) Overthrow the PFDJ regime and institute an alternative government of national unity;
(b) Clean up immediately the political and financial corruption accumulated in the last ten years under the PFDJ rule, and,
(c) Make a radical break with PFDJ’s pompous and antagonistic foreign and domestic policies.

While the struggle to achieve the above noble aims continues, patriotic Eritreans throughout the world should establish an independent worldwide organization of “Eritreans for Peace and Democracy and coordinate their struggle for democracy and national unity.

In the meantime, Eritrean communities throughout the world should hold demonstrations and demand:
(a) The immediate release of the more than 500 Eritrean students unjustly incarcerated by the Eritrean government;
(b) The immediate release of all Eritrean political prisoners who are suffering in the PFDJ instituted prisons;
(c) To stop immediately the dirty and malicious Stalinist vilification campaign being waged against the reformers;
(d) To immediately release all imprisoned Eritrean journalists;
(e) To stop all kinds of intimidation and harassment against Eritrean patriots who dared to speak and write against tyranny and tyrannical rule; and,
(f) To immediately transfer political power to the Eritrean people.

Long Live solidarity between and among all the forces for peace and democracy!!
Forward with the struggle for justice and democratic change!!

The above article was posted on Awate website on the 18th of August 2001.