Should Eritrean Justice Seekers take part in Dancing and Drinking Celebrations on Eritrean Independence Day?


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Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis                                                 


Some fifty-years ago, the Eritrean people embarked on the path to liberate themselves from Ethiopian colonial rule. In doing so, the Eritrean people had hoped to live in an independent Eritrea under democratic governance, accountability and the rule of law.  After more than 30 years of bloody war for national independence, on May 1991, the Eritrean freedom fighters succeeded in kicking out the occupying Ethiopian army and de facto independence was attained.

In other words, Eritrea was physically liberated from the fangs and claws of Ethiopian military occupation after thirty years of stiff resistance by the gallant Eritrean freedom fighters on May 24 1991. There was great joy, jubilation and a mood of euphoria aroused by Eritrean independence and the entry of the freedom fighters to the Eritrean capital, Asmara.

May 24 is therefore a sacred day for all Eritreans now and for all the years to come. In other words, in principle, Eritrean Independence Day ought to be celebrated by all Eritrean patriots.

Unfortunately, the joy and euphoria of the Eritrean people was, however, soon dashed when the EPLF/PFDJ-led government betrayed the aspirations of the Eritrean people to live in a democratic society and established instead a full-fledged dictatorship. This became a harsh reality after the EPLF/PFDJ generals were heavily emasculated in the 1998-2000 war, which erupted between Eritrea and Ethiopia under the pretext of border conflict.

The Aspirations of the Eritrean people were betrayed/ dashed

As already stated, when the Eritrean people embarked some fifty years ago on the path to liberate themselves from Ethiopian colonial rule, they had hoped to secure freedom of expression, the right to democratic elections and the right to participate freely and fully in the affairs of their country without fear of reprisal from their leaders. All these noble hopes were, however, shattered once the reins of power were taken by the EPLF/PFDJ and a one-party state was established in independent Eritrea.

Much to the dismay of the Eritrean people, independent Eritrea is today under the firm rule of an unenlightened, despotic and repressive dictator who has open contempt for the rule of law, for the Eritrean people and for their traditions and culture. Indeed, the PFDJ regime is in violation of Article 17 of the Eritrean Constitution, ratified in 1997, regarding Fundamental Rights, Freedoms and Duties pertaining to Arrest, Detention and Fair Trial. Contrary to these provisions, there are today hundreds of Eritrean democrats and other patriots languishing in prisons without charge and without trial in independent Eritrea.Isaias-Afewerki

An example of the repressive nature of the PFDJ-led Eritrean regime is the arrest and imprisonment of 11 Eritrean government officials, students and journalists without charge and trial. Why are these people being held? What are their crimes?

The crimes of the G-15 reformers are nothing other than to have stood and argued strongly for the implementation of the Eritrean Constitution without further delay, including the urgent formation of political parties and the holding of democratic elections.

In other words, with the emergence of the opposition group known as the G-15, and the independent-minded journalists opposed to PFDJ dictatorship, eventually imprisoned on September 18 2001, the PFDJ dictatorship was fully consolidated and became deeply entrenched in Eritrea.  As a result, all hopes of living in a democratic society, which respects the human rights of the Eritrean people, vanished overnight and Eritrea became a big prison camp for the Eritrean people. In short, Eritrea became a police state.

What is more, as a consequence of the introduction of forced and open-ended military service, arbitrary and inhuman detention practices, a denial of human rights and religious freedom and rampant unemployment, coupled with the existence of “alluring” refugee camps, constructed by the Ethiopian government to lure young Eritreans to abandon their country, Eritreans began to flee and to undertake hazardous journeys via the Libyan and Sinai deserts to get to Israel and Europe in search of peace and freedom. Indeed, the youth in their thousands are leaving the country every month and some of them have become the victims of Egyptian Bedouin criminals in the Sinai and Libyan deserts who extract and extort from their victims’ families tens of thousands of hard dollars.

In other words, the oppressor government of Eritrea has betrayed the social and economic emancipation of the oppressed Eritrean people, for which thousands of Eritrean heroes were martyred. This dictatorial regime is following a confused, antagonistic and aggressive foreign and domestic policy which endangers Eritrean security and the unity of its people. The regime is violating fundamental human and political rights by denying the Eritrean people freedom of peaceful assembly and association, freedom of opinion and expression, free elections, the formation of independent political parties opposed to its absolute rule, participation in their own government and a free press as well as the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty in an open court of law.

What is more, the Provisional Government of Eritrea (PGE) is still provisional. It is an illegitimate regime because it is not established through the consent of the Eritrean people. It has imprisoned and is imprisoning thousands of Eritreans without any due process of law.

Should Eritreans Seeking Justice be Part of a Dancing and Drinking Celebration?

As I have already attempted to show, in the last twenty-five years, under the oppressive rule of Issayas Afeworki,, Eritrea and its people have suffered silently in the firm grip of a police state which actively spies on its own population. Yes indeed, as in Nazi Germany and other totalitarian states, the police state in Eritrea has been ruling through the use of open terror and all public places are infiltrated by the oppressive security personnel of the state. Thus, the people in Eritrea, whether they are eating in restaurants, whether they are in their homes, or whether they are walking and talking in other public places, are always under the watchful eyes of the police state.  Crudely robbed of their fundamental rights and freedoms by the barbaric PFDJ regime, Eritreans have lost the meaning of Eritrean independence. The joy and euphoria of May 24, 1991 has been replaced by anger, frustration, sadness, and depression.

Today Eritrea is going downhill in front of our eyes; its youthful population is disappearing every day and the intellectual members of its society that would have been at the forefront in the building the economy of the country. The PGE still does not care and talks about bringing in foreigners to replace the Eritrean teachers and other skilled Eritreans who might have left the country.

In short, Eritrea under the repressive rule of the PFDJ has become an open prison for the Eritrean people. In such a politically unacceptable situation, it would thus be politically undesirable and inappropriate for Eritreans struggling for justice and democracy to take part in dancing and drinking celebrations as the supporters of the government do every passing year.

It is thus my strong view that during May 24 and 25 2016, instead participating in dancing and drinking celebrations, we should hold public meetings everywhere, reflect back and  discuss thoroughly what has gone so wrong for a fascist dictatorship to have become deeply entrenched in Eritrea.

After all is said and done, we Eritreans never give- up; we are very optimists and we shall bring new life to our country through our own efforts and struggle.

Eternal Glory to our gallant fighters!!


  1. Kem muhur si ezi hji zelato Eritrea kab woyane ethoopia nitfiat Eritrea qurub ayreayekan diyu Eritrea eko ab sewra eko eya atiya zela .. Ethoopia eko atswaran serawitan tedalu eko eya zela

  2. ናብዚ ሕጂ ዘለናዮ መዋእል ኤርትራውያን ኣብ ፈንጥዝያን ጋይላ ኣይኮናን ዘለና። ሕቂ እዩ ሰባት ከምፍጡራት ዝሕጉሱሉን ዝሓዝንሉን እዋን ተፈላልዩ ዝተዋህቦም ባህርያዊ ህያብ ኣለዎም።
    ኣብ ግዜ ጋሂን ሓዘንን ዳንከራን ጋይሎን ዝብረሆ ሕብረተሰብ እንተሃልዩ ገለ ኢንታ ኣለዎ። ዳርጋ ከሙኡ እዩ ኣጋጢሞና ዘሎ ኤርትራውን። ገለ ክፋል ሕብረተሰብና ኣብ ግዜ መቕዘፍቲ መንእሰያት ዲቕ ዝበለ ጋይላ ተኺሎም ከግሩዑ ስለዝተዕዘብና። ብሰሪ እዚን ካልእን ኣብ ዝባንና ቡዙሕ በሰላ ኣሎ።
    ሓቂ እዩ 24ግንቦት 1991 ንኣና ኤርትራውን ፍልይቲ መዓልቲ እያ። ብውሕዱ ካብ መግዛእቲ ዝተገላገልናላ ስልዝኾነት። ክብሩን መጎሰን ነቶም እዛ ዕለት እዚ ክውን ንኽትከን ክብርቲ ሂወቶም ዝኸፈሉ ፍንጫሕ መሰንገለይ።
    እንታይ ዋጋ ኣለዎ። ኩሉ ነገር ብግምጥሊሽ ከይዱ። ንምእማኑ ዘጸገም ጸገም ገጢሙና። “ዘይሓሰብካዮ ርኸብ’ሲ ኣይመርገም ኣይምርቓ” ኮይኑና።
    ኣብ ሕጺር እዋን ከምደቂ ዛግራ ፋሕ ኢልና፡ እታ መሰረታዊት ዝኾነት ክብሪ ወዲሰብ ተሕሪሙና፡ ኣካላትና ከምስጋ ጉዚ ኣብ ዕዳጋ ወሪዱ፡ መዓልታዊ ህይወትና ማእሰርቲ፡ ቅትለት፡ ሰደት ኮይኑ። ዓለም “ብገጋ ዝመጸት”ሃገር ከይትኸውን ተጠራጢሮምና።
    እሞ ነዚ ደኣ እንታይ ዳንከራን ጋይላን ክንገብረሉ፡ ብሩኡይ’ካ ኢና ቁማር ተበሊዕና። ነዛ ዕለት እዚኣ ብኽብሪ ነብዕለሉ ዕድል ስለተጠለምና፡ እዚ ዝሕሰብ ዘሎ ምስሉይ ናይ ዳንከራ ዳስ ናትና ኣይኮነን። ዳስና ክሳብ ዝትከል ክንቃለስ ኢና። እንተ እቶም ስዋኣ ከምዝጠዓመላ ኮማሪት ወዘቕዘቕ ክብሉ ንሪኦም ዘለና ግን ሽፋ ይግበረልኩም ንብሎም። ዘመነ ጋሂና ዘመነ ጋይላን ዕንደራን ናትኩም ካብ ኮነ ፍልልይና ርሒብ እዩ።

    • ሓደ ናይ’ዞም ደቂ ማይ ጠላሚት ዘገርም ነገር ኣሎ። ትማሊ እቲ መሐበሲ ኢድ ናይ ወያነ ዝኾነ በኻዪ ኪሮስ ፈንጠዚያ ክገብር ከሎ፣ ኣብ ፈቐዶ ማሕበራዊ መራኸቢታት ከም ሓደ ግንባር ዘፍረሱ ክንደይ ሆይሆይታ ሰሚዕና። እዚ መሰል’ዚ ነቶም ኣንድነታውያን ክወሃብ ከሎ፣ ነቶም ሃገራውያን ግን ክሕረሞም ኣለዎ? ካባ ክሕደት ተጎልቢብካ ማእለያ ዘይብሎም ዘራያት ኣብ ጎንኻ ስለ ዘሰለፍካስ ያኢ፣ ኩሉ መሰላት ንዓኻ ቅቡል ማለት ድዩ? ካብ መዓልቲ ነጻነትና ዝዓቢ በዓል ስለ ዘብልና፣ እቲ ዕረ ዝጥዕም ይጥዓሞ ክንዕንድርን ክንዘልልን ኢና። መዓልቲ ሰማእታትና ድማ ተኾርሚና ንበኽየላ ዘይኮነትስ፣ ሕድሪ ሰማእታትና ነተግብረላን ዳግማይ መብጽዓ ንኣትወላን መዓልቲ ጌርና ኢና ንዝክሮ። ዝሓለፈ ዓመት ሃገራውያን ዜጋታት ንመዓልቲ ነጻነት ብሓበንን ኩርዓትን ክጽምብልዋ ከለዉ፣ ሃሱሳት ደቂ ሃገር ግን፣ ካብ ኢትዮጵያ ብምፍላዮም ዝሓመሙ ክመስሉ ሽምዓ ብምውላዕን ኣብ ተር ዝበለ ሰድያታት ኮፍ ኢሎም እንዳ ቖዘሙን ኣሕሊፎማ። ሕሉፍ ታሪኽና ከም ዝነግረና እንተ ኾይኑ፣ ኣብ’ዚ ዝሓለፈ ናይ መግዛእቲ መዋእል፣ ህይወት ኤርትራዊ ናይ ማእሰርትን መቕዘፍትን ዘመን’ዩ ነይሩ። ድሕሪ መሪር ቃልስን ክቡር ዋጋን ዝተኸፍሎ ቃልሲ ንዝተረጋገጸ ናጽነትና “ብጓይላን ዳንኬራን” ስለ ዘብዓልና ክኸሰና ዝፍትን ኩሉ፣ ናጽነትና ዘይተዋሕጠሉ ደመኛና ጥራይ ኢዩ። ሎሚ ኣብ ዝሓሸ መድረኽ እንዳ ተሰጋገርና ነብዕሎ መዓልቲ ናጽነት ድማ፣ ድርብ በዓል’ዩ ንዓና። ኣብ ውሽጢ ኤርትራን ኣብ መላእ ዓለም ዝነብር ሃገራዊ ዜጋ ድማ፣ ነዛ ፍልይቲ ዕለት ብፍሉይ ድምቀት ንምብዓላ ኩሉ ምድልዋቱ ኣጻፊፉ ‘ተኣንጎት ተሻባሸብ’ ይብል ኣሎ። እዚ ዘይወሓጠሉ ድማ ተኾርምዩ ክቑዝም ናቱ መሰል ኢዩ። ክብርን መጎስን ነዛ ክብርቲ ዕለት እዚኣ ህያው ዝገበሩ ሰማእታትናን ሓርበኛታት ኤርትራውያንን!!

      • Abey quenka dea ksa kndzi ajewjew!
        Snkulan enfa kenselkum.
        Gazetegnatat enda atfekum
        Sebat bareyu enfa geberkum
        Sebat zegatat Ertra enda shekum
        Deki anstyo koleu deki 18 b deki 60 asebut
        enda ametskum.
        Gezawti sdra sewuat enda afreskum.
        Hager hager teblu tebeletsti.
        Nay amets wey nay srki genzeb kab skranen zemutn nkale kumneger ayweilin eyu.

      • Meb66
        “ደቂ ማይጠላሚት” ዶበልካ። እንተኾነ ከምቲ ደጋጊምና ንምዕደኩም ናይ በጋሚዶታት ጸርፊ ኣቃርጹ፡ ብዝተረፈ ግን ንመን ትጸርፍ ከምዘለኻ ኣረጋግጽካ ትጻረፍ። ወይ ፖለቲከኛ ኹን፡ ወይ ድማ በጋሚዶ ናይ ጽርግያ ኹን።
        ሕጂ’ውን እንተኾነ ዳስናን ዳስኩምን ነንበይኑ እዩ። ንሕና ደቂ ህዝቢ ንሳትኩም ደቂ “መንግስቲ”።

      • Two different things can not be compared. The opposition group were actually more of organizing the youth for possible knock down to the dictatorial regime. Your dance and celebration however is to divert and cheat people as usual. The same false promises will follow as usual by yor little god, dictator of the two decades.

        • “ብጓይላን ዳንኬራን ህዝቢ ተታልሉ ኣለኹም” ዝበሃል ዘረባ ናይ ዓያሹ ኢዩ። ንህዝቢ ኤርትራ ኣነኣኢስካ ካብ ምርኣይ ዝነቅል’ዩ ድማ። “ተቓወምቲ?” እዞም ኣብ Paltalk ተፈጢሮም ኣብኡ ዝፍንጥሑ ዘለዉ ድዮም ተቓወምቲ? “ታቓወምቲ” ዝብል ቃል ምጥቃምኩም ንርእሱ ትርጉም ተቓውሞ ተራኽሱ ብምህላውኩም ዘሕትተኩም’ዩ። ንሕና’ኳ “ተቛመርቲ” ኢና ንብለኩም፣ ንባዕሉኹም ግን “ተጻባእቲ” ዝብል ቃል ምጥቃም ከምሕረልኩም ኢዩ። ከመይሲ ኩሉ ኣካይዳኹም ኣብ መንገዲ ጸኒሕካ ምዕንቃፍ ስለ ዝኾነ።

          ማዕቀብ ንኸይላዓልን ንክኸርርን ምስራሕ፣ ኣብ ልዕሊ ሃገረ ኤርትራ ወተሃደራዊ ስጉምቲ ንኽካየድ ምዕዳም፣ ፈኸራን ወራርን ናይ ወያነ ደጊፍካ ምዕፋር እንተ ዘይኮይኑ እንታይ ክትሰርሑ ተራኢኹም? እዚ “መንእሰይ” ትብልዎ ዘለኹም ሰዓቢኹም ድማ፣ ትርጉም ዘይብሉ ምንቅስቓስን፣ ብእልፊ ተጋሩ ዝምረሓ ናይ ንግዲ ትካላት ትውንኑ ምዃንኩም ምስ ፈለጠ ጠጠንጢንኩም ይዕዘር ኣሎ። ልዕሊ ኹሉ ግን እዞም “ተቓወምቲ” ኢልካ ትገልጾም ዘለካ፣ እዞም ኣብ ፈቐዶ Paltalk ብጉዳይ ዜግነቶም ንሓድሕዶም ዝካሰሱ ዘለዉ ድዮም ዋላስ ከምቲ ዝተባህለ ዘይረኣዩን ዘይጭበጡን ደቂ ሕድርትና ኢዮም? ምእላይ መንግስቲ ያኢ ኣባልዓ ገዓት ተቖጺሩስ “መንግስቲ ክቕይሩ ተኽእሎ ኣለዎም” ኢልካ ዘረባስ ኣሎ? ብኸመይ’ዩ መንግስቲ ዝቕየርከ ኣፍልጦ ኣለኩም ድዩ? ኣብ ደገ ንዝነብር ኣካል ናይ ህዝቡ ዝኾነ ኤርትራዊ ኣብ ዝገብሮ ጽምብላትን ኣኼባታትን እንዳ ኸድኩም ስለ ዝረበሽኩም መንግስቲ ተናቓንቑ ዘለኹም ይመስለክኩም ብምህላዉ ዘሕንዝ ኢዩ። ኣብ’ዚ ዝሓለፈ ዓሰርተ ዓመታት፣ ኣብ ኢትዮጵያን ካልእ ቦታታትን ልዕሊ 60 ዝኾና ንመግስቲ ኤርትራ ዝጻብኣ ጉጅለታት ኣለዋ። ክሳብ ሕጂ እንታይ ኣፍርየን ተባሂለን ምስ ዝሕተታ፣ ስራሕ ንዘይብሎም ምንጪ እቶት ካብ ምዃን ንላዕሊ ኣይከዳን። ንኣርብዓ ዓመታት መመላእታ ንህዝባዊ ግንባር ክቃወሙ ሰሪሖም ዘይፈልጡን መሰል ናይ ጥሮታ ዘይብሎም ኣረጋውያን መዐንገሊ ካብ ምዃን ኣይዘለቓን።

          ልዕሊ ኹሉ ድማ፣ ሎሚ ገለ መሪሕነት ናይ’ዘን “ተቓወምቲ” ብኣባላቶም ከይተረፈ “መንነትኩም ኣፍልጡና” ተባሂሎም ኣብ ቃልዕ ምስ ተሓተቱ “ጉዳይ መንነትና ዝምልከቶ ኣካል የሎን” ኢሎም ምምላሶም፣ ካብ ኢድ ኤርትራውያን ናብ ኢድ ተጋሩ ዝተሰጋገራ ጉጅለታት ምዃነን ስለ ዝተጋለጻ፣ እቲ “መንኣሰይ” ትግልዎ ዘለኹም ዜጋ ኢዱ ኣብ ምስሓብ’ዩ ዝርከብ ዘሎ። ነዊሕ እዋን ተጎልቢቦም ክከዱ ስለ ዘሰላቸዎም ድማ “ምስ ተጋሩ ሓደ ኢና፣ ዶብ ዝበሃል ነገር ኣይንፈልጥን ኢና፣ ቀደሙ’ውን ካብ ኢትዮጵያ ዘፍሊ ምኽንያት ኣይነበረናን” እንዳበልካ ከበሳን ቆላን ናብ ምፍልላይ ገጾም ሳጊሞም ስለ ዘለዉ፣ ኣብ’ታ ናይ መወዳእታ ዕርበቶም በጺሖም ኣለዉ። ስለ’ዚ ኣብ ከም’ዚ ዝበለ ውድቀት ዝጠሓለ “ተቓዋማይ” መንግስቲ ከውድቐልኩም ትሓልሙ እንተ ኣለኹም ኰንኩም ሽፋ ይግበረልኩም።

          • Dont warry things can not be born perfectly. For sure however people against your dictator are shaping up. The tyrant will be crumbled by his own forces. By the way remember the event of Forto. We will see if DI survive the final push within.

      • Meb66 well said some people are loosing it by desire or afflicted by dementia constantly barking like a mad dog.

  3. Dear Doctor, few months ago I praside you about your political stand on Eritrea, being different than other opposition individuals in defending Eritrean interest and dignity, and I said “you know where to draw the line ” Recently I have been reading several commentary by you, and I started to wonder if you are the same person or if you have a clear political stand, it seems you are striding on the fence and it is politically a dangerousness spot you chose, you will be hit by bullets from the two sides. In your article above you said the Eritrean generals were emasculated in the 1998-2000 ETH-ERI war, basically you are implying, we were pardoned by the Ethiopian army like wayanes use to say, other wise we would have been destroyed, either you are ignorant to the war or your emotions are taking the best out of you? Do you know there were Generals refused to re-treat and defended and crashed weyanes army, do you forget the young people who break the enemyin circlement and slip from their hands and crashed the enemy later in adebegeo lead by their Generals, what the country is missing is a political leader not a military leader. Open your eyes.

  4. Time to say enough is enough, it is not the time to dance and celebrate because there is nothing to be celebrated now. Yes we become independent nation but thanks to the current regime the independence has been eroded now for 25 years. The regime betrayed all our demands our dreams and our rights to develop our nation and to have a legitimate government with a constitution. However, the tyrant PI one at a time killed or eliminated all individuals who can make difference in the building process of Eritreanity. Now, our nation not only does not have a legitimate government but also it is in shortage of educated personals, shortage of young people who can build the nation. Currently for the purpose of only during holydays in May, the lame government is providing the service of electricity for 24 hours just to make happy for those who are visiting the nation from diaspora. Soon after, the cheater government will cut off all the services. It is this way the government has been doing since day one. No matter how the celebration goes, no Eritrean is happy at the moment due to the atrocities of this government is inflicting to his own people. Even the supporters of HIGDEF, they are not happy with all the actions of the regime. Some of them have started to talk against the tyrant and as long as the government failed to implement the constitution and made changes or reforms, time will be against him. No makeups will cover his already blemished government and will continue to accelerate towards his downfall.

  5. To my understanding, so called government has been busy sending Eritreans to prison. How do we define government?
    There is no constitution, there is no legal frame to process cases of people. Let us talk how we can set up a legitimate government. If there is no law to manage the country, how do we call it is a country? People need to run their country by law.
    There must be supreme of law and rule of law in the country to follow. That is what the Eritrean people want.
    Every time dancing with empty hand is the way of celebration.
    There are more than 360 solitary confinement prison camps in Eritrea. Eritrea is a big camp prison.
    What do the Eritrean people have to say that states their identity as Eritrean citizenship.

  6. You don’t need anymore discussion or talks of the past and what went wrong.
    We need goals and plans and ACTION!!!
    where is the fighting spirit that our ancestors had deep in their hearts and minds. where is the need for freedom. Our fathers and Mothers fought for independence from Ethiopia, We now need the freedom from the PfDJ. Why aren’t we (Eritrean blood) either born in eritrea or overseas not supporting the ones at home to fight for a peace long awaited for?