Eritrean Political Prisoners held by Djibouti must be freed unconditionally now!


Editorial Comment

Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis

Mdre Bahri Demands the Immediate Release of Eritrean Political Prisoners Held In Djibouti!

In an editorial comment bearing the title “Well Done Eritrea”, dated March 20 2016, Mdre Bahri has praised and appreciated the pivotal mediation role played by the government of Qatar and, in particular, its Foreign Minister, H E Mohamed bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani, in securing the freedom of four Djiboutian prisoners of war (POWs) held in Eritrea since 2008.untitled

That said, however, it is very important that the Qatari authorities realize that the freedom of the 19 young Eritrean POWs remaining in Djibouti since 2008 is just as important as the freedom of the released Djiboutian prisoners.

Mdre Bahri therefore cannot stop wondering why the Qatari Foreign Minister did not make the release of the four Djiboutian a precondition for the release of the 19 Eritreans still in the hands of the Djibouti government.


Consequently, Eritreans believe -and rightly so- that  the intermediary role of the Qatari government cannot be said was initiated conducted in the interest of both Eritrea and Djibouti unless and until the freedom of the 19 Eritrean POW is fully secured.

It is believed that, at the end of the three-day war between Eritrea and Djibouti in 2008, there were about 267 Eritrean POWs held under deplorable and deteriorating conditions at the Nagad Detention Centre by the Djiboutian government.

However, after being incarcerated for more than six years, all 267 prisoners were released in April 2014 and handed over to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR).  

There remained, however, 19 young Eritrean POWs held at a secret location in a detention centre not far from the city of Djibouti. It is rumoured that about three of the 19 Eritrean prisoners have already died from lack of basic treatment and medicine and that others are suffering from depression, diabetes and various other ailments.

Mdre Bahri therefore demands that the government of Djibouti immediately release all the Eritrean political prisoners and hand them over to the UN branch office in Djibouti.

Mdre Bahri also calls on all Eritreans in the Diaspora to write individual letters demanding that Djibouti release these Eritrean political prisoners without further delay and also help our brothers and sisters to purchase life-saving medicines and other basic necessities of life.

We also call upon the UNHCR and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to shoulder their responsibility and ensure the release of the 19 Eritrean prisoners so that they, too, can be reunited with their loved one and enjoy their freedom, just as the four Djiboutian former POWs are enjoying their freedom with their families.


  1. Because they are not POW you idiot they diffeCT to Djibouti. From their trunch the war start because of them when they diffeCT the ERITREAN troops ask for their return then when the ERITREAN troops trying to get them back gun shoot fired between the DIJUPTY troops &ERITREA troops the ERITREAN Troops cupture 13 DIJUPTY troops so the 19 you discRabe as ERITREAN POW are not POWS

  2. Hi mdrebahri if you don’t know abaut the ERITREAN pows ask let me tell you the 19 pows you are discRabing are not POWS the war start when the 20 ERITREANS cross to DIJUPTY diffeCT their trunch so the ERITREAN troops ask for their return the DIJUPTY troops refuse so gun fire erupted between the ERITREAN troops &the DJIBOUTI troops ERITREA cupture 13 DIJUPTY troops the ERITREAN where 20 one dead so the ERITREAN GOV don’t see them as POW the DIJUPTY PM even say they don’t have ERITREAN POW S so idont know whay you are demanding for their realse as POWS where do you get the ADia they are pows I hope I explain to you

  3. Tesfalidet.
    Do you mean that there was no any prisoner from Eritrean side at that time?? If so, you are lying. Forget the propoganda, talk the truth. It can’t help any one

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