Eritrea’s Mad Dictator is a Great Menace to Peace & Stability in The Horn of Africa!


Editorial Comment

Drs Tsegezab Gebregergis

The world is seeing and hearing many denials and lies flooding on to the Internet, produced by the propaganda machinery of the PFDJ government and its blind and irrational diaspora supporters, claiming that the Eritrean government is not involved in any way in the ongoing war between Abiy Ahmed’s armed forces and the Tigrayan Defence Forces (TDF).

The stark reality, however, is that not only are the armed forces of the mad Eritrean dictator directly involved in an offensive war against Tigray, but Issayas Afeworki is actually the architect and designer of the war raging in Tigrai at the moment.

Indeed, Eritrea’s mad fascist dictator has committed his entire armed forces and their heavy weapons to assisting to execute the criminal war, presided over by Ahmed, against the TPLF combatants.

The vindictive dictator is doing this because he is entertaining the fanciful dream of defeating the Tigrayan resistance forces, arresting the top TPLF leaders and cadres, taking them in cages to Eritrea, parading them in chains in the streets of Asmara, and then throwing them into the infamously oppressive Era-Ero underground prisons where Eritrea’s heroes and heroines are presently imprisoned for an indefinite period.

Eritrea’s delusional dictator falsely believes that he is a great leader and that Eritrea is too small for him. He, therefore, hopes that, in the aftermath of the defeat of the TPLF, he will emerge as the ruler of both Eritrea and Ethiopia.

Such, then, is the madness, political stupidity, and meanness of this man who has misruled Eritrea for the past 30 years. The sad thing is that the destiny of Eritrea and its people are still in the hands of this paranoid dictator who is incapable of distinguishing between fiction and reality.

It is therefore incumbent on the oppressed people, and the progressive and democratic forces in both Eritrea and Ethiopia, to stop this megalomaniac dictator at all costs before he pushes the entire Horn of Africa region into a pool of blood.