Ethiopia: Movement Leader Lauds Group Warm Welcome

Chairman of the so called Tigray People’s Democratic Movement, Molla Asgedom, who led fighters of the movement from Eritrea to Ethiopia, hailed today the warm reception of the government and the public accorded to the group. The group has destroyed the Eritrean Army which tried to prevent it from crossing to Sudan, it was indicated. On its arrival in Ethiopia, the group was warmly received by the army and the people, according to Molla.

“We have expected the warm welcome as we are meeting our people coming from Eritrea to our country,” he added.

According to Molla, he had been waging armed struggle under the so-called TPDM organized in Eritrea.

“As we, however, realized the destructive mission of Shaebiya and understood the overall situation of Ethiopia, we held discussion with the government and returned to the country because we changed our attitude and stand,” he elaborated.

Molla said the stand of the group changed since it realized that the aim of the Eritrean Government is to destroy Ethiopia, and the armed struggle is meaningless.

Molla, Vice Chairman of the recently merged movement that included Guenbot 7, had been foiling the mission of Shaebiya by establishing secretive relation with the Government of Ethiopia.

Sourc: AllAfrica