Ethiopia pardons, releases Andargachew Tsige and 576 prisoners!!



Andargachew Tsige Welcome to Freedom!

It is to be remembered that Mdrebahri had promptly and openly condemned the cowardly and illegal kidnapping of the Ethiopian Freedom Fighter, Andargachew Tsige, on June 23rd, 2014 at the Sana’a International airport  while he was on transit to Eritrea. The abduction was carried out then by Ethiopian security agents with the active connivance and collaboration of the Yemeni intelligence services and the PFDJ government of Eritrea. 

Mdrebahri now welcomes the unconditional release of Andargachew Tsige  by the courageous and farsighted new Prime Minister of  Ethiopia, Dr. Abiy Ahmed.

Drs Tsegezab Gebregergis



Addis Ababa,  May 26, 2018(GMN)-The Ethiopian government has released Andarchew Tsige, leader of Arbegnoch Ginbot 7 who has been detained for treason and terrorism charges, and 746 other prisoners today.

 Andargachew was caught in Yemen, at Sena’a Airport, while in transit from Dubai to Eritrea.

576 prisoners convicted of various charges, 31 people under imprisonment for corruption charges, including Melaku Fanta and Gebrewahid Gebregiorgis, are also released on pardon.

137 other prisoners convicted for terrorism charges are also pardoned. Andargachew is pardoned and released on special basis, Federal Attorney General said. (State Media)