Ethiopia under TPLF Rule Has Virtually Become the Killing Field of Innocent Oromo and Amhara Protesters!!

The Shoot-to-Kill Policy of the TPLF Rulers of Ethiopia Against Peaceful Student Protesters Must Be  Strongly Condemned!

For some time now, the Ethiopian youth, in particular students and farmers have been actively protesting in Ethiopia’s major towns and rural areas inhabited by the Oromos and Amharas.

The Oromo and Amhara youth and students have been protesting against the Tigrian People’s Liberation Front’s (TPLF) anti-people development plans, the sale of vast acreages of ancestral lands to foreigners (Chinese, Indians, Saudis and Turks), the displacement of farmers from their land and the imposition of the hated system of ethnic-based governance and other related policies which cause the displacement of a large number of people.

In response, the TPLF security forces recklessly fired live ammunition to kill and terrorize the peaceful student protesters. Indeed, according to Al Jazeera, the TPLF killed at least 140 people during a crackdown on anti-government demonstrations in recent weeks.


Most of those killed are members of Ethiopia’s largest ethnic group, the Oromos. As a result, the bitterness and hatred felt by Ethiopian youth towards the TPLF rulers of Ethiopia has now reached the point of no return.

According to Al Jazeera, the TPLF government has admitted killing dozens of protesters and promised to launch an investigation. However, the protesters and the families of those shot told Al Jazeera that they had little hope that an investigation would lead anywhere, or that their political demands would be met.

It thus appears that, despite the TPLF’s brutal crackdown, which has transformed the country into a killing field for innocent Oromo and Amhara people, the protest by the Oromo and Amhara youth, students and farmers is continuing unabated and will be vigorously pursued in the Oromo and Amhara regions of Ethiopia until their legitimate demands are met or until the TPLF government is overthrown to make way for a democratically elected government of the people and by the people.

That said, what is also amazing is the complete silence of the international community while atrocities amounting to genocide are committed by the TPLF rulers of Ethiopia against innocent Oromo and Amhara youth and student protesters.

Mdre Bahri, January 13, 2016