Ethiopian-born British national is missing in Eritrea

Ethiopian-born British national is missing in Eritrea

Picture of Yosef Haimanot

Yosef Haimanot, an Ethiopian-born British citizen, has disappeared in Eritrea. The last time I have heard from him was over 2 years ago, but recently I have been informed that the Eritrean regime may have arrested or killed him.

Yosef went to Eritrea for the first time in 2009 and several times after that to produce a documentary film about Ethiopian opposition groups who have been given shelters there. Before heading to Eritrea he had completed a documentary film titled “A Long Road Home.”

In December 2012, Yosef sent me an email saying that he doesn’t feel safe anymore in Eritrea and is planning to return to London. Since then I have not heard from him and made several inquiries about his whereabouts, to no avail.

Recently, someone who spoke with Meazaw Getu, vice chairman of Arbegnoch Ginbot 7, an Ethiopian rebel group based in Eritrea, told one of my sources that Yosef has been sent to his wife in Ukraine. That answer raised suspicions because talking about sending someone to another country is a sign that they have killed that person. Yosef’s wife doesn’t live in Ukraine. Why would they say they sent him there?

I have recently reported my suspicion to U.K. authorities. I hope that they will find him alive, but I am frustrated by their lack of urgency and concern. That is why I am bringing the matter to public attention now. I have also contacted all the major U.K. media. If Yosef was a native U.K. citizen, his disappearance would have been all over the British media.

Source:: ethiopianreview