Ethiopians are now fed-up with Colonel Abiy Ahmed’s government & his alliance with the Eritrean Dictator!


Many Ethiopians are now openly expressing their anger that, since Ethiopia and Eritrea resumed diplomatic relations in April 2018, the killing of Ethiopian citizens at all levels is continuing unabated in the country.

The Ethiopians representing such views claim that, before the resumption of diplomatic relations between Eritrea and Ethiopia, there had been no mass killings for 27 years. They say that there were imprisonments and tight media control, but that no one was killed in the country. According to these sources, it has now become normal to kill a prominent figure every now and then in Ethiopia (see the pictures).

They also claim that the government of Abiy Ahmed is killing and imprisoning public figures in order to impose a rule by fear on the advice of the Eritrean fascist dictator, Issayas Afeworki. However, Ethiopians boast that they have no fear even if they are killed in their millions. They, therefore, predict that the killing of public figures in Ethiopia will, sooner or later, trigger an armed struggle to overthrow the government of Abiy Ahmed.

Ethiopians also claim that the Eritrean secret service, stationed in Ethiopia, is also actively participating in the killing of public figures in the hope of destabilising Ethiopia and thereby fishing in troubled waters.

They, therefore, say that, if the government cannot guarantee the security and safety of its citizens, then those citizens will be forced to defend their lives and the life of their country.

Ethiopians are, therefore, calling on their government to deport Eritrean operatives (secret agents) from Ethiopia and to close the Eritrean (PFDJ) diplomatic mission in Addis Ababa.

Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis