Hamid Idriss Awate International Airport!


Drs Tsegezab Gebregergis

I was very happy and intrigued to read this morning a brilliant and interesting article, boldly suggesting that Asmara International Airport be renamed in honour of the founding father of the Eritrean Independence Struggle: Hamid Idriss Awate International Airport.

This is the man who – on horseback, surrounded by his fellow fighters – fired the first bullets against Ethiopian colonial rule in the jungles of Eritrea in September 1961 (see the cover photo).

I believe that the Eritrean people in their millions will fully and unconditionally support the noble idea of renaming Asmara International Airport as Hamid Idriss Awate International Airport.

Indeed, I guess that the only person who would ferociously oppose such a popular idea could only be the myopic Eritrean fascist ruler, Issayas Afeworki.

Let us therefore popularize the ideas expressed in this pioneering article written by Bereket Kidane.

Well done, brother Bereket.