How Crazy Can American Society Be ?-This is the Lady who caused danger for her son and pain for Herself!



Editorial Comment

By Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis

This week, on March 8 2016, a strange and unbelievable event took place in the state of Florida, USA.

I was indeed shocked to learn that American investigators have disclosed to reporters that a four-year-old boy got hold of his mother’s loaded gun and shot her from the back seat of the car while she was driving.

It is reported that the mother heavily promoted gun ownership on Facebook and had previously posted about her son getting “jacked up” to go shooting.

According to the police, the toddler’s mother was rushed to hospital in Gainesville, where she was reported to be in a stable condition after taking a shot from a .45-calibre handgun.

What a crime of a scandalous proportions!

In my opinion, the mother was criminally negligent  in involving an innocent child of four in gun-related matters and in teaching him how to wield a gun and shoot at a target.

Consequently, the most important question is not how the child managed to gain access to the gun and shoot his mum. The question should rather be how and why was a loaded gun placed where the innocent child could easily have access to it?

Thus, in my opinion, the mother is guilty and should be severely punished.

It must be clearly understood here that not only was the mom criminally negligent in placing a deadly weapon where her child could have easy access to it, but she was endangering the life of the child.

Indeed, due to her criminal negligence, not only did she endanger herself but she also almost caused the innocent child to lose the most important person needed for his healthy and happy growth under the love, protection and care of his mum.

It is sad but such is the case when children are raised by irresponsible and dysfunctional families. Thus more should be done to protect children, especially so in societies such as the US where there is a culture of criminal violence, fed by an uncontrollable drug problem.

I think this serious incident is a big lesson and a wake-up call for all families raising children in the US and elsewhere in the world today.