I Cry for my Country, Eritrea, and its Heroic, But Betrayed People!


By Drs Tsegezab Gebregergis

With the landing of Abiy Ahmed and his close political associates at Asmara International Airport on Sunday July 8 2018, the long-held dream of Issayas Afeworki, the internal enemy of Eritrea and its people- and the undying imperial appetite of Ethiopia’s rulers to re-annex Eritrea without firing a single shot- is now fully realised.

This criminal undertaken has been accomplished with the active collaboration of the PFDJ, the internal enemies of Eritrea and its people.

Eritrea is indeed becoming a colony of Ethiopia once again.

Therefore, although some political fools may believe that the silent annexation of Eritrea will bring peace and stability to the Horn of Africa in general, and between Eritrea and Ethiopia in particular, as far as Mdrebahri is concerned, contrary to these unfounded expectations, it appears that the annexation of sovereign Eritrea by Ethiopia will unleash the anger of the Eritrean people who will rise up in arms to reclaim the sovereignty of Eritrea.

Mdrebahri calls on all patriotic Eritreans, both inside and outside Eritrea, to unite and to condemn and protest against the criminally motivated political addition (annexation) of Eritrea by the Ethiopian government with the active collaboration of the internal mortal enemies of politically independent Eritrea led by the fascist Eritrean ruler, Issayas Afeworki and his henchmen.

Mdrebahri also calls on the Eritrean defence forces in their thousands to rise up in arms and to defend the honour and integrity of Eritrea and its people.

Yes, at this turning point, every responsible Eritrean must understand clearly that political darkness has fallen on our beloved country and on its people. We must therefore act now in unity to save our country and to reclaim its national honour and dignity. Let it be absolutely clear that the oppressed Eritrean people did not shed their precious blood to pave the way for the expansionist Ethiopian rulers to re-occupy and bring Eritrea under their rule.

Let it be absolutely clear to all concerned, the Eritrean people fought for the establishment of a politically independent and sovereign Eritrea with a clearly demarcated and internationally recognised borders and not an Eritrea without borders with Ethiopia – that might be the goal of the distant future and with the approval of a sovereign Eritrean parliament but not before the blood of Eritrean heroes and heroins is even dry. In other words, at present the Eritrean people want only an Eritrea by Eritreans and for Eritreans. That is also the reason why the Eritrean people paid the precious blood of their dearest sons and daughters in their protracted struggle to defeat Ethiopian colonialism.

Long live the struggle of the heroic Eritrean people!