I Saw the Film and I was Really Horrified by What I saw. The Eritrean People Are Really Enslaved and Are Living Under the Rule of Terror!



The Eritrean people Are Really Living Under the Rule of Terror! 

A Film you must watch!


  1. I would rather kill my self than to lie like the moron journalist “free to move, free to wright, and free to speak” really is this possible in current Eritrea ? HGDEF is really losers and shame on them nothing good to report from Eritrea yet it is our 25th of independence. Monkey looks terrible and nothing looks good at all. We are dead in all aspects thanks to the Hitler, PI.

  2. ሓሙሽተ ህዋሳቱ ብግቡእ ዘስርሕ ሰብ ካብዛ ናይ ወጻኢ ጋዘጠኛታት ሪፖርት፡ ንህሉው ምስሊ ሃገረይ ብግቡእ ክርዳእ ዘጸግሞ ኣይመስለንን። በዚ ዘይሓዝንን ዘይጉሂን ሓወይ ከመይ ጌረ እየ ሓወይ ክብሎ። ምስሊ ሰባት ካብ ንቡር ወጻኢ ተደምሲሱ፡ ከብዶም ብጥምዩ ሽማግለታት ብወፍሪ ባርነት ኣእማን ክሰብሩ፡ እሞ ድማ ዓው ኢሎም ክዛረሙ ክትሰምዕ ከለኻ ቅብጸት ይስመዓካ።
    ግን እንታይ እዩ እቲ ሚስጢርና!
    ምሕረት የውርደልኪ ሃገረይ

  3. It is sad to seen the military can not do any thing. Fleeing the country is not the answer, organize and act such as ambush and eliminate the dictator that is the only way to get rid the dictator. By eliminating Issayas i am sure our 85 percent of our problems will be solved necause any one can do better than the ignorant Issayas.