If Tigray is attacked, Eritreans opposed to the Eritrean Fascist Dictator will not be spectators!


As I write this piece, Tigray has been totally blockaded, isolated and detached from the rest of Ethiopia with the express political objective of economically strangling the country and starving its people in the hope of forcing them into submission.

Thus, in the present provocative anti-Tigray political atmosphere prevailing in Ethiopia – brought about by the megalomaniac Issaias Afeworki’s puppet Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed –Tigray and its people have an inalienable national right urgently to begin the process of political divorce with the eventual aim of declaring a politically independent Tigray with its own flag, currency, air force, independent foreign policy and airline links to the rest of the world.

Let the enemies of the oppressed Eritrean and Tigrayan people know that, if Tigray and its people are attacked from the north by the Eritrean fascist dictator, Afeworki, from the south by forces under the command of Abiy Ahmed, or from the west by the chauvinist forces of the Amhara region, we Eritreans, dictated by strategic thinking and the need to safeguard both our immediate and our long-term national interests, will not be spectators.

Mdrebahri.com firmly supports the Tigrayan people’s struggle for justice and autonomous development!

Let active solidarity flourish between Eritrean and Tigrayan democrats and progressives! 

Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis