Is it really difficult for an Eritrean to separate the history of Eritrea and from that of Ethiopia?



As you can see from the writing attached to the above picture, Hirui Tedla Bairu believes and maintains that it is very difficult, or rather impossible, to separate the history of Eritrea from that of Ethiopia. In other words, Hirui is telling us that the precolonial history of Eritrea and Ethiopia is inseparable, i.e. it is one and the same.

Hence, the questions to pose here are the following: is there a shred of historical evidence to support such erroneous or rather misleading views? In other words, is it true – as Hirui Tedla Bairu maintains – that it is very difficult to separate the history of Eritrea from that of Ethiopia?

And how does Hirui Tedla Bairu’s stance and teaching differ from those of the successive oppressive Ethiopian rulers who waged wars in the name of Ethiopian unity against Eritrean nationalists for more than 30 years?

Is it not true that Eritrean nationalists firmly maintain that the history of Eritrea is completely separate from that of Ethiopia and that Eritrea was never part of Ethiopia in the pre-colonial period?

Besides, was the 1998-2000 Eritrean/Ethiopian war ignited simply by a currency dispute, as Hirui believes, or was it precipitated by the hidden political agenda of the Tigrian rulers of Ethiopia and their desire to reconquer Eritrea?

Hence, is it acceptable and healthy for someone positioning himself for political power in Eritrea to hold such discredited/defeated ideas in the aftermath of Eritrean independence?

Consequently, Mdrebahri invites its readers to forward their point of views on the the above questions – questions that are of strategic importance to Eritrea and its people.

Tsegezab Gebregergis