Is the Eritrean Village Dictator the George Washington of Eritrea?


After the independence of Eritrea in 1991, Eritreans pampered and spoiled the dictator, first by labeling him as the George Washington of Eritrea, and then abbreviate his title and a name like (PIA) which stands for President Isaias Afwerki and last but not least by labeling him the founding father of Eritrea. Except for the abbreviation of his title (‘PIA), to label, the dictator as the George Washington of Eritrea or founding of the country is a preposterous claim and insult to all the founding fathers of each and every country. Let’s be frank, when Eritreans started to shower the dictator with adjectives, we were merely mimicking the Americans without having a proper thought. Americans call their two famous presidents FDR which stands for Franklin Delano Roosevelt and JFK which stands for John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Two great American presidents, at least FDR who was so great that he won four presidential elections.

The village dictator, George Washington, and the founding father label.

A founding father is a uniting force or a person or group of people who lay the foundation to the establishment of a nation-state and whose impact and influence transcend generations in a positive way. Plus, a group of people or an individual who can function as a bridge or link between the old and the new and enabling smooth transformation. For instance, Otto von Bismarck is rightly called as the founding father of Modern Germany because he united all members of the German confederations except Austria under one banner and as the first leader in the entire world to create a welfare state.

Likewise, Garibaldi Giuseppe and Victor Emmanuel the second among others are regarded as the founding fathers of modern Italy because just like in the German cases, they united all Italian kingdoms under one banner.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Abdel Kadir Keberes idol is regarded as Pakistan*s founding father because he advocated and succeeded to establish a Muslim country for Muslims. The lists can go on and on.

Can we see any correlation between the village dictator and those individuals who are rightly called founding fathers of their respective countries? I don’t think so. Furthermore, Americans always refer to their founding fathers in matters which are related to their constitution, power-sharing procedure, chain of command, you name it?

Can Eritreans refer to the village idiot in any matter after his demise? except of course how to torture people and mess up things and looking for scapegoat without taking any responsibility or accountability? I don’t think so.

Lost Opportunity

American presidential election is approaching fast. The election of President Trump to the White House in 2016 and his foreign policy of America first was Godsend gift to Eritrea. President Trump cared less to intervene or Micromanage third world countries affair let alone to dictate what they should do or not do, and this is where the village idiot lost his opportunity to exploit and take advantage of the situation and try to restore the breakdown of the diplomatic relationship between Eritrea and America. Instead, the village idiot preferred backdoor or indirect diplomacy with America by dealing with American Arab vassals.

With the American economy in shambles, high unemployment because of the Coronavirus pandemic, not to mention strong liberal Media, the chances for the re-election of Trump is not certain as it was in a pre-cover-19 pandemic. Thus, with the prospect of Joe Biden in the White House and Susan Rice or any other person as his VP, the Eritrean fascist dictator, and his blind followers have good reasons to have sleepless nights.