Is There an Active Plot Concocted and hatched by the Eritrean Fascist Dictator against Eritrea and its People?


By Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis

Since the inception of the Eritrean Popular Liberation Forces (EPLF) in the 1970s, some careerist and opportunist Eritrean intellectuals, organically linked with the Eritrean dictator, have been falsely portraying the EPLF as a progressive vanguard organisation and as an invincible force engaged in the struggle against the Ethiopian colonial occupation of Eritrea.

Its cowardly leader, Issayas Afeworki, has been also canonised and portrayed as a hero and saviour of Eritrea and its people. The truth, however, is that everything said and written about the EPLF and its leader, Issayas Afeworki, by Eritreans and by non-Eritreans with an academic interest on Eritrea, has been propaganda and lies,  systematically disseminated to confuse the Eritrean people and prevent them from knowing the chameleon-like political character of Afeworki and his hidden political agenda to destroy Eritrea and disperse its people.

Indeed, as it has turned out, Issayas Afeworki was, from the outset, an agent of the then government of Emperor Haile Selassie and was trained and sent by the Ethiopian intelligence services on a mission to infiltrate the Eritrean struggle for independence and subvert it from within when he took full charge of Eritrea.

As planned, in May 1991 Afeworki became the unchallenged ruler of Eritrea through blackmailing, jailing and murdering his close comrades-in-arms under various pretexts. In so doing, he was preparing the political ground to enable him to treat Eritrea as he wished without effective resistance from within Eritrea. This became absolutely clear to the great majority of the Eritrean people when he recently signed various agreements with the new Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, in both Asmara and Addis Ababa, without the knowledge and consent of the Eritrean people – agreements that could bring disastrous consequences for independent Eritrea and its indomitable people.

Eritreans are also bitter and resentful about the hard fact that the no-war and no-peace situation between Eritrea and Ethiopia has ended, the border between the two countries has reopened, flights between Asmara and Addis Ababa have resumed and a new era of peace has been declared and yet, paradoxically, the political situation inside Eritrea is worsening with each passing day rather than improving. This truth is confirmed by the fact that Eritreans are leaving for Ethiopia with their families in their thousands since the temporary opening of the border between the two countries and are now condemned to beg for food and sleep in the streets of the towns and villages of northern Ethiopia.

Indeed, according to some reports, more than 149,000 Eritreans have crossed the border into Ethiopia in a matter of days and the alarming exodus is continuing unabated, driven by the unrelenting and oppressive policies of the Afeworki-led PFDJ regime. In a way, with each passing day, Eritrea is ceasing to be a country run for Eritreans and by Eritreans.

On the other hand, Eritrea is being swamped and flooded by well-to-do Ethiopian visitors and other businessmen and women looking for business opportunities left by Eritreans.  Hence, the so-called peace agreement between the political opportunist Prime Minister of
Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed, and Eritrea’s fascist dictator, Issayas Afeworki, has brought great misery for Eritreans and euphoria for Ethiopians whose eyes have always remained fixed on Eritrea’s 1,000km coastline. In other words, the unfolding political situation in Eritrea has created grief, resignation and hopelessness among the great majority of Eritreans and
great happiness and jubilation for the expansionist-minded Ethiopians freely visiting Eritrea.

Consequently, I believe that, at present, there is an active plot against Eritrea and its people, concocted and hatched by the Eritrean dictator in league with foreign forces. And
the political objective is crudely to deny the Eritrean people the opportunity to lead a normal life inside Eritrea and thereby force them to leave Eritrea en masse in desperation so that Ethiopia can bring Eritrea under its total control. Obviously, this conspiracy against Eritrea and its people, which attempt to undermine the sovereignty and independence of Eritrea and thereby bring the country under Ethiopian control, could only be a recipe for disaster for the entire Horn of Africa region and beyond.

This writer is therefore at a complete loss to understand why the United Nations (UN), the African Union (AU), international human-rights organisations and other civilised governments are keeping a guarded silence when unparalleled human disaster is in the making in Eritrea, caused by the mad fascist Eritrean dictator.

After all is said and done, throughout history state sovereignty is defended by the sword or by the threat to use the sword. Therefore, unless the genuine political and military forces within Eritrea are ready to defend Eritrean sovereignty and the unity of its people with a sharp sword now, it might soon be too late.

So, folks, let us act now in order not to regret tomorrow.