Is there any Truth in the claim that US Imperialism intends to undertake subversive activities to undermine and overthrow the PFDJ-led Eritrean government? A Must Listen Video!

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By Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis

  1. Introduction

Lately, the tyrannical PFDJ regime, led by Issayas Afeworki, is claiming ridiculously that the American government and its Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Israeli government, along with its secret intelligence arm, Mossad, are engaging in subversive activities to undermine and overthrow the regime. A host of other organisations, such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the TPLF, as well as some Eritrean political activists in the Diaspora, and even some Eritrean ecclesiastics, are also included in the list of those accused of involvement by the paranoid regime.

But the accusations of a US plot to overthrow the government in Eritrea was supposedly planned to happen in 2011. So the question is why the dictatorship is bringing the issue to light now?

It is important also to note that the PFDJ regime is spreading these lies at a time when the regime is rapidly losing the political battle to win the hearts and minds of the Eritrean people and at a time when the Yiakil Movement is determinedly surging forward in every corner of the world in its attempts to overthrow the fascist regime.

Some Questions for Clarification

The accusation levelled against the American government by the PFDJ is that high-level American government officials and CIA personnel operating under cover are involved in plots to overthrow the government led by Issayas Afeworki and his tiny clique.

Is there is any grain of truth in the PFDJ’s accusation of involvement by the US government and the host of other groups in the alleged overthrow of the fascist PFDJ dictatorship in Eritrea or is it all fiction? Or are these accusations simply the  PFDJ regime hallucinating in its death agony?

Let us assume for a moment that there is a grain of truth in the ridiculous accusation levelled against the American government. In this case, the question to ask is: why would the US government and others allied with it want to overthrow the PFDJ government?

What political objectives would the American government want to achieve by toppling the Afeworki regime when that regime is engaged faithfully in guarding, serving and fulfilling American global strategic interests and those of its staunch Arab allies in the Horn of Africa at the cost of exposing Eritrea and its people to serious danger and at the expense of its sovereignty and national honour?

And why are the PFDJ rulers of Eritrea choosing this moment to highlight the issue of these alleged subversive activities aimed at instigating turmoil and upheaval in Eritrea in order to precipitate “regime change”? Let us see.

  1. The American government & its Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

As I have already stated, there may be a grain of truth in the claim that the US government might undertake, jointly with the TPLF, an operation to overthrow the PFDJ regime. However, any expectation that the US would undertake military action against the PFDJ regime, in order to liberate the Eritrean people from PFDJ subjugation and terror, is unthinkable.

It is inconceivable because, ever since its foundation by fire and sword and by exterminating the indigenous people in 1776, the US government has never helped militarily, nor lent any political and diplomatic support to, nor acted on behalf of any oppressed people anywhere in the world.

On the contrary, out of its strategic economic greed and its ideological considerations, the US government has intervened crudely and barbarically in support of right-wing fascist regimes allied with itself and has murdered and spilled the blood of millions of oppressed people in Asia, South America, Central America, the Far East, Africa and elsewhere (For the worldwide criminal activities of the US government, see the “The Sorrows of an Empire”(2004) by Chalmers Johnson.

Indeed ,the US government and its intelligence arm, the CIA, have been deeply and actively involved in fomenting subversion and sabotage, and in assassinating foreign leaders, in nations that are following their own path of autonomous development without mimicking the West and which are opposed to the crude US policy of imperialist intervention, bullying and pursuit of global strategic interests and hegemonic goals (see also “Blowback: The Costs And Consequences Of American Empire”(2000) by Chalmers Johnson).

Let me give some concrete examples here of US government and CIA involvement in the unlawful and criminally motivated overthrow of foreign governments. The typical examples are: the overthrow of Kwame Nkrumah in 1966 and his death under suspicious circumstances while under treatment at a hospital in Bucharest, Romania; the coldblooded murder in 1973 of the democratic socialist politician and physician, Salvador Allende of Chile; the overthrow of Mohammad Mosaddegh, the fiery nationalist Prime Minister of Iran, in 1953; the 1954 overthrow of the Guatemalan president-electJacobo Arbenz Guzman, the overthrow of the Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, in 2003, and his subsequent murder by hanging in 2006; and the overthrow and murder of Moammer Quadafi of Libya by the US-led NATO forces in 2011.

All the above mentioned foreign leaders were overthrown, humiliated or murdered not out of concern for their oppression of their own people, but because they were seen and considered to be recalcitrant, unamenable and inimical to US-imperialist global strategic and economic interests and for being the possessors of strategic minerals highly valued by the imperialist states. However, all the intervention by the US government and other Western countries in the internal affairs of Third World countries was never, as claimed by the imperialist leaders, “to bring Western democracy or civilisation”, or to protect “the human rights of the oppressed people” from home-grown dictators (see also “The Untold History Of The United States” (2012), by Oliver Stone & Peter Kuznick).

It is therefore of cardinal importance that Eritrean political activists are well aware that, if the imperialist US-government, the CIA, Mossad and others groups initiate and coordinate the overthrow the fascist dictatorship in Eritrea, it is not because they are concerned about the plight of the oppressed Eritrean people under PFDJ rule. In other words, if the Americans ever decide to overthrow the PFDJ regime in Eritrea, it will not be because they are concerned about the well-being of the Eritrean people. On the contrary, it would be because IssayasAfeworki’s PFDJ regime has outlived its usefulness to its imperialist and Arab paymasters. In short, it could only be because the PFDJ regime has now become a liability rather than an asset in the realignment of forces in the Horn of Africa and beyond.

  1. On the Intervention of Foreign Forces in the Internal Affairs Of Eritrea

Since its inception in May 2016, as a matter of unflinching and unbending principle, Mdrebahri is absolutely opposed to the involvement of foreign forces, in any form (including under the “pretext of human-rights violations or the absence of democracy“) in the internal politics of Eritrea. Similarly, Mdrebahri is uncompromisingly opposed to the Eritrean elements that advocate foreign involvement in Eritrean internal affairs. In other words, democratic change – change that does not endanger the sovereignty, unity and security of Eritrea and its people – should come through the sole and united struggle of all the exiled Eritrean nationalist political forces in close collaboration and coordination with those forces for change inside Eritrea.

  1. Should our opposition to Foreign Intervention in Eritrean Affairs be Rigid or Flexible?

As I have stated above, Mdrebahri is absolutely and staunchly opposed to intervention in general and to imperialist military intervention in the internal affairs of Eritrea in particular. Nevertheless, it is important to understand that there is also a limit to everything, including direct or indirect foreign intervention in Eritrean affairs. Still, I strongly believe that the principle of opposition to the intervention of aggressive foreign forces in the internal affairs of other countries must be upheld at all times.

However, at this critical historical juncture, i.e. at a time when barbaric cruelty, political oppression and the economic exploitation of the Eritrean people by the tyrannical PFDJ fascist dictator, Issayas Afeworki, has reached an indescribable level, Eritrean democrats and other progressives should not stand in the way of intervention, even if the American government decides to fire a couple of Cruise missiles against the regime command centres from their warships in the Red Sea region. This is particularly the case if those Cruise missiles are accurately targeted at the various hiding places of the Eritrean ruler, his offices and the residences of his die-hard criminal associates/disciples, including the building which houses the dreadful Eritrean Securitas, the Ministry of Disinformation, the Eritrean TV station and other command centres erected solely to oppress the Eritrean people and keep them as permanent hostages in their own country.

I believe that, in the aftermath of such a ferocious attack, using the enormous power of American Cruise missiles, there would be no way that the rotten fascist PFDJ regime could endure, even for a single day. There could also be no doubt that the immediate psychological impact of such an operation would motivate and impel the oppressed Eritrean people to rise up against the remnants of the PFDJ regime while they were overwhelmed by confusion, awe and shock.

Therefore, if such an attack ever took place, justice-seekers should never stand in its way or protest against it, as some of the die-hard supporters of the regime in the Diaspora might do.

However, as far as international law is concerned, if such an attack took place, it could not be condoned. On the contrary, it should be condemned and recorded as an act of aggression against a sovereign entity, not as an act of liberation as the American government would have it.

It is important to understand that the military objectives of such a military intervention could not be to save the Eritrean people from PFDJ oppression. Indeed, it could only be to fulfil the hegemonic and strategic ambitions of US imperialism in the region. Nevertheless, Eritreans struggling for justice and democracy should be prepared at all times for such eventualities and should seize the favourable opportunity created by such intervention and use it to serve the cause of the oppressed Eritrean people.

It must be clearly understood that the actions of US imperialism, and of imperialists of all countries and ages, is always propelled by the voracious imperialist appetite and not by the principles of peace or the cause of friendship with the people of oppressed countries. In other words, it is important to understand that the imperialist countries have no friends except their naked, morally debased and indefensible economic interests.

  1. Some Concluding Remarks

We have seen that the PFDJ  regime is busy levelling accusations against the US and other governments of conspiring to undermine and overthrow this fascist government. By falsely accusing foreign forces of trying to overthrow the regime, and by projecting itself as heroically resisting US-imperialist interference and aggression against Eritrea, the aim of the PFDJ government is to impress its supporters so that they remain loyal and, in so doing, prolong its oppressive rule.

We also know that the fascist PFDJ regime does not have irreconcilable contradictions with US imperialism and its Arab allies in the Middle East. On the contrary, we know that the regime has been faithfully guarding and serving US strategic interests and those of Washington’s Arab allies in the Horn of Africa and beyond by sacrificing Eritrean sovereignty and the honour of its people. In other words, the PFDJ regime is a puppet of the US government and its Arab allies.

As early as the 1990s, the regime of Issayas Afeworki was begging the American government to allow it to send Eritrean soldiers as mercenaries to do the Americans’ dirty work in the Somalia conflict and in the aggression against Iraq in 2003, but these requests were rebuffed.

I therefore believe that the accusations the PFDJ regime is now hurling at the CIA and Mossad have no substance whatsoever. They are part of the tactics, and therefore a symptom, of a regime suffering the agony of death and are designed solely to distract and confuse the attention Eritrean people. In so doing, the PFDJ hopes that the Eritrean people will rally behind it while it continues to commit national betrayal by accomplishing its mission to destroy Eritrea as a historically formed sovereign entity.

It must be made absolutely clear that the IssayasAfeworki-led government has always been busy in searching for bogus enemies throughout its history. Sometimes the groups it categorises as its enemies, and hurls malicious propaganda against, are the different ELF-splinter groups, the Jeberti, or the people of Akele-Guzay, and at other times they are the “Jihadists”, Sudan, little Djibouti and TPLF-led Ethiopia. This is because the regime cannot survive without imaginary and self-created enemies and without using deception, lies and  fear to disorientate the Eritrean population.

The plain truth is that the Eritrean population has no enemies except the Eritrean Hitler himself and those smaller Hitlers serving him, who are busy creating so much havoc and suffering for the people of Eritrea.

At present, the PFDJ is a regime engrossed in liquidating the Eritrean youth and in destroying Eritrea as a sovereign entity piece by piece.

Therefore there can be no peace or normality in Eritrea, or in the entire Horn of Africa region, as long as Eritrea remains under the tyrannical rule of Issayas Afeworki and his criminal associates. The overthrow of this fascist regime is therefore in the interests of all humanity.